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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi from Sarasota

Look at all these plants! Just lining the store fronts! Don't see that in west Texas. 

Hello from sunny Florida!!

Or at least that's what the admin at the office I'm visiting said when she emailed about travel arrangements last week. So far, it's pretty rainy. Way more sunshine back home. I'm pretty unimpressed. 

But the real question today is... Hotel bathrooms on business trips. Shut the door or leave it open?? I'm a firm believer in a closed bathroom door at all times, even in solo hotel rooms. It makes me feels safe. Opinions? Thoughts?

This is what I ponder while laying around in my Fairfield Inn on a Friday night. The psychology behind being cool with leaving the door open while you pee. Or those couples that even take it a step further!?! You know what I'm talking about! Not. Okay.

Heading home tomorrow. Hope everyone is peeing in perfect privacy and I'll update soon. 



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