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Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo Dump Friday!

Ch-ch-ch-check me out! New Beautiful Mess app, baby.

My trainer was trying to convince me my form was horrendous because the mirrors don't go all the way to the floor and I was like, no, this feels pretty perfect, bro. When he showed me the pic, I was like, uhm, all I see is how fabulous my butt looks. 

Gripped pushups... much less fabulous booty and still struggling with form

Put the phone down. We're done with pictures for today.

I finally got some boxwood balls for my bookshelf! Now it looks weird because the globe is kind of the same size and it just looks busy. But just try to focus on my new ballz.

How dope is this earring?! I need it right meow!

It's official, straight from winter to summer again. Gotta love West Texas.

How cute is his teensy paw print in the mud?! Kind of obsessed with my dog.

The prince likes to perch upon pillows while chewing on his dino.

Obsessed with how cute this picture is. K did NOT like me paying more attention to Peyt. Very Lady and the Tramp

Shut up, Kate Moss. Coveralls are NOT cool. Just. No. 

The clipboard at Ashley Furniture with their meeting agenda on it. Sure glad they covered "Probing" this week but "Overcoming Objections?"... it should just say "learning how to not listen to the customer and shove stuff they don't need down their throats"

Aw shucks, Yogi Tea. #affirmations 

Look! They sleep zzzactly the same! hahaha #mymen


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