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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Get 'em, Pop! I don't know what he was mad about but he is clearly about to say a word that starts with an 'F', no?

Watching: The Spurs!!! So... a little story of how I came to love the Spurs. I had a roommate from hell in college who just LOVED the Mavs. She watched EVERY game which is just an obnoxious number of games during regular season. For the record, she was miserable for many reasons other than her obsessive basketball-watching. Obsessive basketball-watching could have been charming if it had been someone nice. Anyway. In 2007, the Mavs were kind of unstoppable all season and won the Southwest division and Kelly would not SHUT. THE. HELL. UP. about how they were going to win a championship that year. However, God sent the Spurs to answer my prayers. The Mavs got knocked out in the first round of playoffs and got to sit in the bleachers and watch as the Spurs went on to win the Championship everyone assumed the Mavs would win and my miserable roommate was CRUSHED. Theretoinfore... I loved the Spurs. Perfectly logical. I even got multiple boxes of their Championship Wheaties to keep in the pantry to irritate her. While this is a petty account of how I started loving the Spurs, these days I'm a much more respectable fan. Ginobili jersey and everything.

Eating: Avocados. Before Whole30, avocados made me break out in a rash and my tongue and lips swell. But now that my insides are in much better shape and I'm eating 90% 80% 75% healthy foods, I have had an entire half of an avocado with no reaction. Holy health foods, Batman!

Thinking About: Framing my moon print from Agent Gallery Chicago! D text me this morning to let me know it had arrived and I already have the perfect frame and matting waiting in the office and I just can't wait to get home tonight and see it in person! I've been on a bit of an art-purchasing rampage lately. But, I mean, my inspiration was this installation at RH but EACH of those pieces is $355. Each of them. That's... $2130 gallery wall. I mean no. That's loco.

Mad About: The tight tolerances around our new king size bed! I mean, I saw it coming. I knew. But man. It's time to get creative on the nightstand front. And yes, I know none of our furniture matches and D's dresser is a complete mess and we still need to paint our doors. #realtalk #bachelorpad #babysteps

Reading: Silver Linings Playbook. S'okay.

Celebrating: Mine and D's "2 Year Anniversary". It's a week from yesterday. D and I dated each other and no one else for a good while before we admitted that that's what we were doing. We were playing it all casual and grown-up but really we didn't want to see anyone else. So after close to a year of that, we decided to get official. So this is really the celebration of us admitting we loved each other. Totally worth celebrating, right??

Craving: Cheesecake. Maybe I'll give the paleo version a try although something tells me it will fall well short of real cheesecake. Especially the crust because that's the best part of cheesecake. Am I right?!

Making me happy: My new Texans hardhat that D got me!!! How hilariously adorable is this 'just because' gift?! Now multiply the adorableness time 10 because he's a Cowboys fan. New Mission: Get it signed by #99 J.J. Watt. Stat.


  1. I love your new bed! What color is your room? can't quite tell.



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