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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanderings of the Mind

  • Look how cute she is!!! I'm pretty sure she hung the moon. JUST LOOK AT HER! *sigh* I love her too much.
  •  Katniss was totally on to something. When I really need my hair outta my face and secure, I start with an extra deep part and start french braiding my bangs back, then when I get near my ear, I french braid it all in to a side braid. This is so glorious under a hardhat, in case anyone else who reads blogs wears a hardhat. While I feel like this is almost an oxymoron, I know I exist. I'm pretty sure I exist. So there is at least one girl out there who reads lifestyle blogs AND wears a hardhat. Anyway, if I were going in to the arena for the Hunger Games, I'd wear my hair like this.
  • Fun fact. My spirit animal is a swan. I took a quiz while I was sitting at the park yesterday eating my Subway. I think this is rather fitting for me. Also, I do have psychic dreams so this spirit animal quiz is preeeetty accurate. I'm down with the Swan. 

  • D has a habit of trying to smoosh words together. If any two words have a similar vowel sound, watch out. Like, if he saw a red pencil, he'd call it a rencil. It's like a different language he speaks, sometimes. At times, it's a total stretch but the other night, we were at home eating our Freebirds takeout and he had a REALLY good one. I laughed so hard I snorted hot tomatillo. No bueno. Can you guess it? I'll put the answer at the end of this post.

  • Ugh, so D and I were watching Holmes Inspections last night (yes. On our anniversary. Romantic, eh?) and there's a girl on his team and she does all this construction work, doing demo and laying hardwood and whatnot and THAT'S THE JOB I WANT! I want to be a construction worker. Sounds like something a Berenstain Bear would have wanted to be when she grew up but it's true! How satisfying would it be to work with your hands and have beautiful results! Okay, so really I want the Rehab Addict's job... restoring old homes... but I'd settle for a construction worker. I mean... I already know how to braid my hair for the hardhat.
  • Since I'm not a construction worker, I'll settle for saving the planet. Friday I get to go tour a water treatment facility in Sarasota, Florida. Water treatment is soooooo cool. No, seriously. I'm not being sarcastic at all. I'm so excited about this tour. I'm sure the non-disclosure I signed doesn't allow for me to say much else so I'll stop there. Also, I get to a visit a state I've never been to before! Hooray!
  • ANOTHER dream job I spotted the other day... I saw this headline on my bloglovin' and I thought... no... it can't be.

    But it WAS! It's a story about a woman who partners with senior living centers to redecorate, organize, declutter and make overall more usable spaces for senior citizens! Look at this!

    Ahhhh don't you just want to HUG that little old lady in her wheelchair in her pretty teal bedroom?! I just want to be best friends with every senior citizen I run across... to say the least, when the senior water aerobics class gets dismissed while I'm changing in the locker room at the gym, I'm in heaven. I end up chatting WAY too long. I love them all.

  • I'm not good at makeup. Every time I see a picture of myself next to any of my friends, it looks like I'm not wearing any at all! Even my 'going out' makeup seems to vanish when I see the pictures. I look so undone! I need help :( 
  • Obligatory cute puppy picture.

  • Answer to the riddle: Spurritos! bahahah get it. Eating burritos while watching the Spurs? Spurritos!


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