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Monday, May 6, 2013

The tale of my Monday

The very first thing I did Monday... well, after walking K to his doggy door because he's scared of the dark and flipping the outside lights on for him and then going to the bathroom... in that order because if I don't take K to his doggy door right away he barks his face off at every shadow he sees... the first thing AFTER that I did was grab the first coffee mug I saw in the cabinet and stick it under the water thingy to fill it up for the Keurig. AND THIS HAPPENED!

I broke the spigot off the water thing! I tried to fix it but it's really broken. Like fractured plastic broken.

Then I did this. Can I just go back to bed now? Think, Arica, THINK. How to get that water in to the Keurig. Thinking is really hard so early but somehow, I did see that this broken little thingy was DEFINITELY blog worthy so pictures were required.

But then! I did THIS! But it didn't quite fix the issue because of the size of the opening on the water thing combined with the water level, and my hand, whatever, I couldn't get enough water this way. And it did not occur to me to pour two half-mugs of water in the Keurig.

So then THIS happened! I have no idea where this shot glass came from (England?) but it was in the cabinet and after 4 or 5 tiny shot glasses of water, my cup was topped off and I could have my coffee. HOORAY! Now I'm going to have to deal with the fact that D will undoubtedly be disgusted by the fact that I stuck the whole mug in the water thing because I feel like about 50% of the things I do that I think are totally okay seem to really, really gross him out... but at 5:15am, I could not think of another solution. 

ANYWAY, I was SO self-satisfied by my ingenuity. I made eggs over medium and asparagus for breakfast, drank my coffee with almond milk, put together a glorious little salad for my lunch with turkey bacon and hard boiled eggs and sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli and sunflower seeds and left over sweet potato bites on top. And then I proceeded to forget my lunch box with said glorious salad on the kitchen counter when I left for work!!! *sigh* 

So instead, I had to eat catered lunch from the barbecue place in town which ended up meaning all I could have was lettuce with strawberries and apples on top. And then, in the afternoon, I got gasoline all down my arm and on my cardigan when I filled up the tank. And I was very hungry all day. Then we went out to dinner and we ran in to a jerk I used to know and had to sit a couple booths away from him and I was all like, "CHECK PLEASE!" and now I'm watching the Spurs play like boo boo. And Monday just can go... fly a kite, for all I cared, because I am really, really OVER IT! 

But look at this little handsome! He knows that if I bring his crate out of the bedroom, it means he's going to get to go to Bella's house to play for the day so he goes ahead and gets in there and waits while I get ready for work. I'd gush about how brilliant he is but, honestly, I'd say he's about average, intelligence-wise.

I hope everyone else's Monday was kinder to them. Tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF WHOLE30! hip hip hooray! Also, hai, is it Friday yet?


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