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Friday, May 3, 2013

What is... something that makes Arica uncomfortable??

One of the girls I follow mentioned that she was taking on a "Blog Every Day in May" Challenge. I, personally, have given up on monthly blogging challenges because I suck at them BUT this challenge involved a blog prompt for each day of May and as a relative blogging newb, I'm always struggling to think of interesting things to blog about. SO! Instead of accepting the blogger challenge, I'm just going to plagiarize on days when I need help thinking of a fun idea to talk about.

Today, the challenge is to blog about things that make you uncomfortable. Luckily, I'm a bona fide weirdy about certain things so this was pretty easy to come up with. Here you go!

Opening presents
Watching people open presents I gave them
Parents reminding their children to thank me for a present I gave them
Peeling oranges
People touching my feet (but I have zero beef touching other people's feet)
Bartering prices at garage sales
Overly-familiar strangers in a place I can't walk away from (airplane, check out line, ect)
Those people in the middle of the mall trying to sell me something
Aggressively familiar people, in general.
Eating meat off the bone (ribs, hot wings, ect)
Kissing D before I brush my teeth
Watching D read my blog
Answering the phone to unknown numbers
The idea of karaoke... I've never DONE karaoke but the very idea of ever having to do it makes me very uncomfortable.

Things that make other people uncomfortable that do not phase me in the slightest:

Touching feet
Eating food off the ground
Public Speaking
Going to the girly doctor
Using public restrooms
Being alone in an unknown city
Sleeping with socks on

Also, here is a photo dump from my phone! #lazyblogging

Awww friends forever! <3 I love this pic!

Okay. So. Hahahahaha I realized right before we went out of town last weekend that I had forgotten to pack undies but D had already put my bags in the car so I stuck a bunch in his laptop bag because it was the only luggage not in the car yet... This was not intentional but SO hilarious anyway, right? 

Healthy groceries are so pretty :)

He's really getting the hang of lifting his leg, although I thought a picture of him BEFORE he lifted his leg was more adorable.

Never too old to hit the shoe sale at Dillards! I was loving this little old lady hobbling around ooo-ing and ahh-ing over shoes. I hope I have her spirit at her age!

I love this picture so much. As D fell asleep in the car, his hand slid but even in his sleep, he held on with his pinky. *butterflies*

Seminole can be pretty if you just keep you head up. Like literally. The sky is clear and blue and we have some green trees.

The weather leaves something to be desired though. Yes. 90 degrees on Wednesday and then snow flurries on Thursday. #WestTexas

$4 flowers from the grocery store :) 

Uh oh. D realized K likes to chase his laser site. K will never be too energetic ever again.

Happy Friday, my loves! I hope everyone's weekend is refreshing and restful!


  1. I love that May challenge I've been seeing it all over everyone's blog!

  2. Okay, we kinda look alike in this pic. Had to do a double take and make sure I didn't really dine with this group of strangers.



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