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Friday, May 24, 2013

Working for the (Memorial Day) Weekend

D and I have just been traveling fools here lately! And it's not going to end ANY time soon. Last weekend while I was at Mel's Garden Party he was... somewhere... it just hit me that I don't know where he went... to go hog hunting. And raccoon and squirrel and cactus hunting. And fishing. Our weekends really couldn't have been any different.

Hahahahahaha complete polar opposites, no?!

This weekend we will be together though because this weekend is.......


Errr year (I think this is year five or six), one of D's friends throws a joint birthday pool party at his house in the Fort Worth area because it seems like most everyone's birthdays are in late April or May. So instead of a ton of mini bashes, he goes all out for THE summer kickoff party. He sent out the Facebook invite for this thing on February 4th. I'm not kidding. And everyone committed instantly. It's non-negotiable, like Mel & Andy's Halloween party and Justin & Paige's Christmas party. 

Two Extravaganzas ago, D had a free pass for this party. Background: The weekend prior, he was in Houston visiting me and we were hanging out at my apartment pool where I met a lot of really fabulous gay guys who kept giving me jello shots. Yup. I took jello shots from strangers. But they weren't strangers! They were my new friends with jello shots! (See what I did there? With the SATC quote?) ANYWAY, I ended up getting accidentally drunk at like 6pm and D had to drag me back to the apartment. No really. Drag me. He tried to carry me but I was just sober enough to freak out and jump out of his arms every time he tried. So he literally, arms under my armpits, holding my entire body weight "walked" me back to my apartment. But not before I threw up in a random person's trash bin in the hallway and a little on D. Oh yea. Rainbow throw up on the boyfriend. Classy. What the heck was in those Jello shots!? He tucked me in to bed and slept on the couch. Yup. He drove himself four hours to visit me for the weekend and I was only conscious for like 10 hours of it. He ate leftover pizza for dinner. 

ANYWAY! I felt SO SO bad I told him that Extravaganza weekend, it was his turn. I'd babysit and he could get sloppy with all his friends. Little did I know, he planned to completely return the favor. He drank like, a whole handle of Jack, anchored the flip cup team and ended up passed out in the game room where his friends proceeded to pose his lifeless body so it looked like he was cuddling with the vacuum cleaner and took lots of pictures. It wasn't quite fair because after he passed out, I was still at a raging party! So it wasn't nearly as bad for me. I did have to empty his puke buckets lots of times though... so... that almost evens it out. 

I'm pretty sure neither of us has been that drunk since. It was not our finest month.

We're a lot older and wiser these days. Actually, this year we're combining the Extravaganza with a baby shower! hahahaha yea. Things have changed a little. Not quite the drunken mess it started out as. These days its more about barbecuing and relaxing. The girls are going to do a baby shower while the guys get things set up for the party. Win!

Also, since Trent decided to throw his party on a three day weekend, we're going to bail on Sunday afternoon and go to Dallas for the night. Our anniversary is Tuesday so we're going to make a little getaway out of it. We're staying at a baller hotel in downtown Dallas with a rooftop pool and we're NOT going to take jello shots or play flip cup. There's also a trip to Cabela's and Ikea in the works along with Torchy's Tacos & possibly some Coldstone Ice Cream if I happen to spot one. It'll just be one night but we are still excited about a little boo time.

Don't drink and drive this weekend! Actually, don't even DRIVE this weekend. There will be crazies out there. Buckle up, have a DD, you know. Be an adult, k??


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