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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: PSMO SUCCESS! PSMO is the team I work on two weeks per month at work and Friday we hit a big deadline and kinda sorta knocked it out of the park. Was that vague and lame enough for you? Well, whatever. I'm pumped about it. I gave the presentation to management Friday afternoon and we got the big thumbs up. Also, I have a boss crush on the supervisor on the team, as in he isn't my boss but I wish he were. He gives me a lot of responsibility, he trusts me and he's got my back completely when I stick my neck out. And, most importantly, he laughs really hard at my jokes.

Friday Low: Early-to-bed night. Womp womp. D was exhausted from an afternoon on the golf course (poor poor baby) and pretty much as soon as I saw him dozing off on the couch at 8:45pm, I was like DUECES! and dove head first in to bed to catch up on my zzz's from the week. 10 hours of sleep won out over being 25 years old and fun.

Saturday High: Oh. My. Gosh. I got my first spa facial! It was awesome. Granted, I would have loved the Croatian aesthetician to shut her trap for like TWO SECONDS for me to relax, but even with her telling me about her cheating ex-boyfriend for an hour straight, it was easily the most decadent hour I've had in weeks.

Saturday Low: K's cut and run attempt at Home Depot. He was perfectly content being pushed in the cart while we picked out paint colors and gathered other supplies but once we were in the garden center, he could smell freedom and the 3 foot fall from the cart to concrete floors did not deter him. Also, he does this really charming thing where he RUNS AWAY when I try to grab him. He's very like that monkey that steals Mario's hat on the mountain in Mario 64.

Sunday High: Our church date with Cashley! Dr. Jerry Taylor from Abilene Christian University guest spoke and he was so hilar. I think it's quite interesting how four people can listen to the same sermon but, depending on what is going on in each person's life, the message is so different. We went to a Church of Christ church for the first time and singing without music is like rocket science hard. I was a word ahead and 3 notes off at all times. All the people around us that I was tormenting with my singing were all still very nice to us anyway.

Sunday Low: No such luck finding a duvet cover. TJ Maxx failed me for the first time in a long while, as did Target, Kohl's and forgoodnessake AMAZON. I did however find a bed! A pretty, modern upholstered bed that's low enough to the ground for K to get up and down without puppy stairs. And it was in stock at the warehouse in town and we get to pick it up tomorrow! Although we will just stick it in a corner unassembled until we get the bedroom painted... but we WILL know right where it is when we need it. Which is a weight off when you order from a furniture store, no? It's not stuck in "we'll deliver it in 2-8 weeks" land.

Sorry no pictures from this weekend. Bad blogger. BAD BLOGGER.


  1. It's Home Depot. Not pet depot. :) What is the attraction with bringing pets to home depot? I don't get it.


  2. and PSMO make me think PMS and I saw PMS success, what? That's always a big fat FAIL for me! But I get it now. Congrats!



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