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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: That hyper-productive gear you kick it in to you when you're leaving a little early for a three-day weekend? No? No one else seem to wait until the Friday before a three day weekend to decide to get ish done? Well, regardless, I got ish DONE at work Friday. A wonderful feeling before you shut your brain off for a few days.
Friday Low: The tale of the terrible traffic. There was a wreck on Ranger Hill (A semi carrying a bunch of cars to a dealership slammed in to the median and spilled cars all over both sides of I-20). Traffic was literally at a minimal crawl from 8pm to 3:30am according to the news story I read the next day. There was a cable fence on our left and cars on our right and no feeder road and we were TRAPPED. At times we didn't move for 30 minutes at a time. We'd just turn the truck off and sit there, seething. Thank goodness I'm not a pees-a-lot girl. Anyway, eventually, after three HOURS of being stuck, they got us turned around, sent us back to the town before the wreck and we had to take little back roads around the accident. We were supposed to get to Trent's house at 10pm, we made it around 1:30am. D was such a prince though. He drove us the whole way, let me nap at the very end because I was getting tired, didn't lose his temper. I just... I like that kid.
Saturday High: Extravaganzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! We had Corie's baby shower from about 1pm to 3pm and after that, it was sunning our buns, floating in the pool, catching up with old friends and glorious relaxation. At 8pm, I insisted the Spurs game be turned on inside so at that point it was me and a few of the guys screaming at people who stood between us and the TV (Spurs won in overtime) at which point I took my vodka and coconut water and happily went to bed. It's kind of my thing. I have a great time for a seven or eight hours but around 11pm, I feel like I've had a sufficient amount of fun and I brush my teeth, change in to pajamas and go to bed. And I rarely miss anything THAT exciting. And it's pretty dang awesome, other than the random people who come try to wake me up and bring me back out to the party... the hazards of sleeping where you party.
Saturday Low: D's injuries! hahahaha I got woken up around 1am with requests to drive the guys to a bar a few blocks away, which I refused but I did get out of bed to make sure none of them tried to drive themselves. At which point, one of the guys challenged D to a wrestling match. Why do boys do this?! There was a wrestling match in the back yard earlier that night. It's very caveman-like but also great entertainment. Well, D's challenger was a 21 year old little brother of a friend that D had by about 40 or 50 pounds so when they got close to the TV or a lamp, I'd just warn D and he'd pick the kid up and move him to the middle of the living room floor. It was a very responsible drunken wrestling match with sober supervision. We really are turning in to adults. Anyway, D ended up with some of the nastiest carpet burns on his elbows and knees I've EVER seen and it seemed like I had a real knack for bumping in to them for the rest of the weekend. He clearly won the wrestling match, conceded by the opponent with the sentence, "okay, we're done, I'm going to go throw up now!" but the next morning, D definitely had more carpet burns.
Sunday High: The baller hotel D and I stayed at for our anniversary Sunday night! We stayed at the Omni. If you've ever driven in to Dallas from Houston, it's that hotel with the colorful lights that make patterns and shapes and you think to yourself, that's beautiful but it seems like maybe it's a distraction for drivers and how is that legal? Yea. We stayed there. The lights were in the pattern of a waving American flag this weekend.

After spending the early afternoon sunning our buns at Trent's pool, we got there just in time to make good use of the Omni's beautiful pool with a perfect view of downtown Dallas. Lots of pools for us this weekend.

Then we went back to the room and got ready and then walked the Main Street District for some Mexican food at an Irish pub (only in Dallas). Strolled back to the hotel and proceeded to promptly fall asleep after too much fun this weekend!

The pictures came out a little grainy for this post for some reason... I'm blaming the blogger app.

Sunday Low: Not one darn thing. It was the perfect mix of friends, food and boo time to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.

Monday High: IKEAAAAA!!! I had been needing a trip to Ikea in a bad way for a month or two now and so D conceded to hauling my butt up to Frisco for a trip to Swedish furniture heaven with the stipulation that we hit Cabela's after. Deal! He even was pretty enthusiastic about Ikea. He didn't just follow me around like a puppy. He participated and goofed around with me in the showroom. But after the showroom, we started winding our way through the marketplace and knew we still had the warehouse to go and we both were like, Okay. Yea. Ikea is exhausting. And there are a TON of people here. And we're done now, thanks. So we checked our list, made sure to grab the necessities and then made a b-line for the checkout. Cabela's was fine, too. I'm sure it would have been D's high for the day... but this is my blog so we're only covering Ikea here.

Monday Low: Mismanaging our time (at Ikea, I can admit) and getting home late. Normally we try to get home early on Sunday for a little time to get ready for the week but not this time. Also, we ran in to traffic on Ranger Hill AGAIN (no idea why, this time) but luckily, we saw it early enough to cut across the grass and get on the feeder road before we got trapped. So, after a late start and detours, we didn't get home to pick up Kanye until close to 10pm. Then, of course, there was the Spurs game to watch. I'm very thankful for the sweep. I need a week off from overtimes almost as much as Duncan does. We were so tired this morning that we forgot it was our anniversary!!! I didn't remember until I saw it on my calendar when I got to work! Woopsie Daisy. Before I left for work I was all, "yea, tonight I'll make salmon and we'll finish unpacking and get the house back in order and blah blah blah, business business business" It just felt so anniversary-ish Sunday that I forgot we had our ACTUAL anniversary still to go. I mean... it's just a dating anniversary so it's okay, right? <3 you D!



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