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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5 Things

The 5 Things I'm currently obsessed with:

Polyhedrons - It started with my crush on the Ralph Lauren Dodecahedron collection; mostly this lamp and this pendant light.

Then I saw this ambitious couple take on a DIY of the pendant light and DANG. That's some intense DIYing. Pass. But I just keep pinning and pinning them and I am obsessssssed.


So I did a little DIY I found on Feathers and Gold... a faceted hexahedron ornament. It took me like 2 minutes and it was pretty sturdy, too. I threw it at D multiple times that evening. I think it would be DARLING hanging a few of these from the shelves above the desk in the office. Smaller though, I guess. Maybe I'll spray paint them gold... or maybe not.

Fun, right?! 

Please ignore what hot mess I am in this pictures. I look like I'm balding somehow. Whatever.

Archer Farms Butter Crunch Cashews - Holy Moly. They're SO good I eat them all in one sitting and then I feel sick. Every. Time. I do not learn my lesson. They are definitely sprinkled with crack. Seriously, if someone told me "Beware. These have crack cocaine on them" I'm pretty sure I'd still eat them.

DV Dolce Vita Shoes - I have always loved Dolce Vita on famous people so DV is my way of feeling a little famous. I always find them at TJ Maxx (so clearly, they're NOT expensive) and I can't resist. I just slide them in to my basket and now it's like I'm collecting them, like stamps or rare coins. I did feel pretty good about my most recent DVs because I told my mom, I said, "I need new black sandals. I'm going to go to the shoe section and look for BLACK SANDALS and nothing else" so when I found DV black sandals I was like DUH! and they came home with me. They've got a little shine without being too "pretty". They've got enough of an edge for me to wear them with everything.

Apartment Therapy's "Small Cool Contest" - People are submitting house tours of their < 800 sq ft homes and readers are voting on them. Along with the contest, the contributors are writing articles about clever storage, organization, multipurpose furniture, ect. Granted, our home is not < 800 ft and most of these homes are in Manhattan or Copenhagen or somewhere cool... but I'm devouring every post. Also, it's helping me realize this is a unique time for me and D. This is our first (rental) home together and I want to embrace it fully instead of just pining over every new Zillow listing in our area. Thanks Apartment Therapy!

Chickens - I saved this for last because I'm BURSTING with excitement on this one. I want chickens. I really, really, really, really want some chickens. Urban farming is like... the cool thing to do in LA and Portland and where ever. It's not THAT weird of a thing to be obsessed with. And I've done the research. I have a coop design picked out. I verified city ordinances because D was certain it was illegal (but it's not!), I have checked out local livestock auctions. D isn't putting up quite the fight he originally was. I think I've almost covered all my bases. I promised him I wouldn't be sad when they got old and died but that was a lie. I'll be crushed. But I still want them. OH how I want them. Check out this lady's coop and her beautiful hens! Isn't her coop to die for??


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