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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Watching: DIY Network. Tis the season! I'm inspired and ready to do some DIY stuff. I was telling D how he has a project car and I want a project house. Not one we LIVE in, but another one I could work on. Like whatsherface from Rehab Addict. That doesn't seem unreasonable, does it? (And shockingly, when I tell homeowners about this desire, they roll their eyes and offer to let me work on their homes. Weird... #RentersProblems)

Eating: OMG, aren't you tired of hearing what I'm eating yet? Surely. I'll spare you. #Whole30 #shutupalready

Thinking About: This weekend. Because that's what gets me through the week. I've got a facial scheduled, painting the bedroom, shopping for plants for the backyard, a trip to the dog park with my little man and definitely, DEFINITELY a workout or two. Definitely. #workinfortheweekend

Mad About: The Spurs sweeping the Lakers. Couldn't they have strung them along a little longer??!  No. Now I have to wait a WEEK for the Spurs to play again. #NBAChampionProblems

#getaroom #SWEPT

Reading: Uhmmmm... the DVR list, blogs & FCC permitting requirements for constructing a 100 foot radio tower inside city limits. #glamorous #dayinthelife

Kind of describes my world

Celebrating: FINALLY getting our King Size Bed! (Oh yea, that deserves capital letters). I'm pretty sure I blogged about getting one a month ago but... then we didn't. If you haven't learned yet, only half trust my 'plans'. If something more interesting comes up, plans shmans. But then I heard about a sale on mattresses yesterday, we showed up 30 minutes before the store closed, jumped on a few beds, boom boom bang, we ordered our mattress! #BoutTime #ByeByeQueenie

Craving: A getaway. I know, it seems like I'm getting away every single weekend but I mean a real getaway. One with just me and D. Somewhere we don't know anyone. When I lived in Lubbock and he lived in Dallas, we used to meet in Abilene for the weekend. We'd play in the mall arcade, sit at the Chili's bar and watch ESPN and take long walks around their crappy parks. It's some of my favorite memories of early 'us'. Only, the getaway I'm craving is a little nicer than Abilene, TX. I'm a lot more high-maintenance these days. #BooTime #VacationRequired

Maybe here

or here

or here

Making Me Happy: We're getting a new FENCE next week!!! I'm so, so, sooooo excited about it. So is Kanye. The neighbors dog knocked one of the pickets loose a couple weeks ago and I went in the back to call K inside and the next thing I know, a loose picket swings and here comes K, running to me from the NEIGHBOR'S YARD! All Lady & the Tramp style! He was hanging out with the neighbor's dog! And I have no idea if their fence is secured for a tiny pup because they have a giant boxer. Scurry stuff. YAY NEW FENCE! #WorldsBestLandlord


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