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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


When I was younger, my mom used a tactic with me where she wouldn't tell me 'no' when I came up with some scheme or obsession. She'd just listen politely and nod and then go about her business because in a couple days, I'd have a new obsession. Typical mom stuff, no? The stuff that was really important to me stuck around and that's when she knew she'd have to actually deal with the fact that I wanted pink hair or 18 piercings in my left ear or, Lord help us all, to be a spy.

Unfortunately, I never outgrew this childhood quirk, as you can tell by my bi-weekly "5 things I'm currently obsessed with" posts. My obsessions are generally just cycling through a revolving door. D will generally just tell me 'no' when I come up with some off-the-wall scheme. I guess that's how most dudes do it. Then it's an exhausting exercise of me trying to convince him. Sometimes, if it's not important, I do tire and give up. But, sometimes, much to his chagrin, I don't tire. I don't give up. There is no stopping me. And he's not going to get a moment's peace until he either caves or takes the time to do enough research to present me with a list of cons as long as my list of pros and logic me out of doing something (he did this when I wanted a neck tattoo. Thank God).

Well. The chicken obsession isn't going away. After weeks of including him on my research, chicken trivia, verifying city ordinances, coop shopping and just generally not letting him enjoy a single NBA Playoff game in peace without chickens coming up, Sunday morning he said those magical words I'd been WAITING to hear, "Have at it". Cue Arrested Development style chicken dancing for the rest of the day.

And before he could say "Has anyone in this house ever SEEN a chicken?" we were the proud owners of this little beauty:

It's just the coop, we're going to have to elevate it, add flooring and build the run, but isn't it darling?!

Despite how I'm spinning this story, I'm pretty sure D's kind of excited about our budding backyard farm. I mean, c'mon, this is pretty dope, no? Cute little hens boppin' around in the backyard. Going to gather eggs in the morning for breakfast! I mean, I usually eat 3-4 eggs every day so when my little flock starts laying eggs, I can go from buying 2-3 dozen eggs at the store every week to maybe just one. That saves me approximately... drum roll please... $7.20 a week! At that rate, I'll get my money back for this coop in like... 6 months. I actually was angling this to be a joke about how this wasn't really about saving money but hey. That's actually not that bad. But really, it's not about saving money. It's about a fun hobby, cute chickies running around in my yard and fresh, oragnic, free-range eggs!

Anyway, expect lots more to come on the process of going from least-outdoorsy-girl-you-know to chicken farmer! :D I'm so overwhelmingly excited!


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