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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Oh Why Wednesday - Baby Edition

Why oh why, baby???

Hey guys, I'm Jenna, the Overly Enthusiastic ones sister, I have a little boring rambly blog over here where I talk about how I could better the world if only someone would ask my opinion or I talk about my sweet lovey, Peyton.  (she's no stranger to this blog - made quite a few cameos)

On Wednesdays over at my bloggy I pose a why question, so I thought I would continue the theme over here while my sister suns her buns on foreign beaches and a giant cruise ship for a week.  Only slightly jealous.

Peyt loungin in our front yard enjoying this past weekend's 90° temps!

H is definetly for Hell - why don't they have "The Growth" diagram where your partner occupies 3/4 of the bed?
Why oh Why does my child gravitate to me in the night.  We have a king size bed!  We're regular sized humans.  Why do I never have room?  She's either mashed up against me like a growth OR she is perpendicular between us, like an H - I always get the feet end.   It's like magnets.  I try to flip over to see if I can repel her like magnets do.  Has yet to work. 

Which brings me to my next why, why child are you still in my bed?  You're a week shy of being HALF a year old.  It's time.  Therefore, I've decided we're dragging the guest room mattress into your room tonight and you and I will sleep in there and my goal is to have you sleep trained by your half birthday. 
Anyone want to take bets? 

Which brings up another sleep related question, why are you so hungry at night that you require 2 bottles?
I feed you a ton of oatmeal at dinner, what?  How can I help you sleep?  Any feed back would be enthusiastically devoured, thanks!  Wish me luck!

Hope you're all having a great week!


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