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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wanderings of the Mind

This weekend we have two of the most polar opposite baby showers ever. My little cousin is having a BIG baby shower at the church with cake and games and lots of family at 10am. On the other side of the baby coin, a buddy from college is having a baby so he's doing a Pamper Party... 'bring diapers, there will be a keg, it starts at 9pm, come at 7 if you wanna help me clean the porch' Hahahahaha boyz.

I thought that Swedish House Mafia song was saying "Ciara's got a plan for you" instead of "See heaven's got a plan for you". Yes. Very specifically Ciara, the early 2000s hip hop artist. Not just any old Sierra. Because she's funky fresh.

Kanye likes D's stinky feet after the gym. Actually, I'm very blessed. D is not a stinky man. I can't smell his feet. But K is still a gross dog, snuggling up with his feet as soon as he takes his sneakers off.

Yurbuds. Anyone tried these? They're reviewed to be a good earbud for people who hate the squishy ones that actually go inside your ear and also hate their earbuds falling out during a workout but hate the Apple ones that come with your iPhone. They're the #1 earbuds for haters and since I'm a total hater, I'm going to give them a try.

You guys. I bought a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies at the grocery store this last time I went and GUESS WHAT?! I ATE THEM ALL!!!!!! I didn't throw out a single bad fruit or veggie food item. Our fridge is looking like D's bachelor pad fridge... just ketchup and red bull... exactly how you want it right before a vacation. It looks like we're gonna kill the milk right on time, too! It's the little things in life.

I have tight hip flexors. It's why I'm sway-backed, apparently. I saw a thing on pinterest advertising how to correct sway back with these easy stretches. Uhmmm not easy. Really hard. Really really hard. And painful. D told me to just stop doing them because he thinks my sway back is 'cute'. Hear that girls? Spinal deformities are adorable.

I like this blog. She taught me how to cut my own bangs. And Friday she was all like, "oh hey... quick question... is EVERYONE HAVING A BABY EXCEPT ME?" and I was like, I feel ya gurl.

Happy Friday Eve, errrrbody.


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