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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Friends with a Capital F: Part 2

Second only to the post I wrote the other day that was just a bunch of adorable pictures of dogs, my favorite posts to write have been this one and this one, listing off the reasons I love my friends! Because of that, I figured it was about time to spread a little more blog love to two more of my Friends. The real and true ones. With a capital F.

My Smashley. We are very much in love and a little tipsy in this one.

Graduation Day 2010... obviously

Spring Break 2010 - Las Vegas

Ashley and I have been through a lot together. As in... pretty much every single engineering class while in school. We survived spring break senior year in Vegas, and we're both very blessed with great jobs that have us almost always out of our comfort zone. She and her hubs and D and I are pretty much inseparable and that's just how I like it. Hopefully they feel the same way when D and I come park it at their house every other Saturday. Ashley and I share a brain like no one else I've ever met and I just love her so much. Here are three reasons why:

1. She's sweet without it being even remotely fake or annoying. She just oozes compliments and praise for other people all the time, and it just comes super naturally to her. As a more sarcastic person by nature, I find this to be a magical trait like something out of a story book. I don't know what that says about my other friends... that someone who is naturally nice is so mystical to me! hahaha
2. She's so humble. Like with most people who praise others often, she rarely notices what a rockstar she is herself. I know with 100% certainty this is a reflection of the relationship she has with Christ. But even hearing that, she'd probably be like, "oh, no, I don't pray NEARLY as much as I should and I cussed last Tuesday"" But she is a wonderful example of a woman with her heart buried deep in Christ.
3. We share the same energy levels. She'll know what I mean with this one. And she'll agree that its completely awesome. It's because we're in exactly the same place in our lives, getting field experience as an early career engineer, working long hours, ect. It's like we're aging at the same rate, and I don't have a lot of friends I can say that about. We're both 25 with no kids and love to go dancing and to bars and have fun, but we also love on Friday nights to pass out on the couch after 2 glasses of wine while the boys play video games because holy crap, engineering is hard, why don't the boys understand that?!

Now allow me to talk about my Mel. She and I are not aging at the same rate. Somehow, Mel hasn't aged a day since she turned 21. She keeps me young. :) Also, I couldn't pick a favorite pic so I had to post a bunch.

Cruise #2 after getting fake tattoos together

Birthday Extravaganza 2011? They're all a blur. The one when the pool was green.

Cruise #2 again

Birthday Extravaganza 2011? I have to timestamp photos based on the girl Trent was dating at the time! Haha!

Just an average Friday night.

I met my Mel for the first time at her and her husband's annual Halloween party 2010. D and I had just started hanging out and this was the first time I was meeting his friends. Little did he know, I'd be stealing this one. She and I almost always have TOO much fun when we're together and so I thought, what would make work more fun? If Mel were here. So I referred her for a job at Hess and she landed it! So now we IM pretty much every single day and she's definitely the friend I talk to the most. About every single little detail of my day. She's part of it. She's an integral part of my daily life. Here are some reasons why I love that:

1. Did I mention she's fun? Don't take my word for it. Ask ANYONE who has ever met Mel. She is going to take any mundane activity you've got, slap a theme on it, sew a costume for it, and turn it in to a party. Please stay tuned for cruise pictures as evidence.
2. Being a good friend is top priority for her. She takes time and energy, effort and focus to make sure the friendships she values are protected and cherished. While I have those friends that I go months without seeing but when we're together, we don't miss a beat... that's not Mel. Because she wouldn't let a week go by without checking in to see what you're up to. Let you know she's thinking of you. Saying she treats her friends like family is such an understatement. 
3. She has an eye for beautiful and unique things. This is something so distinct to Mel. She has a knack for making ordinary things extraordinary. Colorful and lively, and most importantly, special. She lives in a giant dollhouse, full of sparkle and color and whimsy. She can sew a ruffle on a skirt in 12 seconds flat (okay, I'm not sure about that but that would be my rough estimate). And she will put in the elbow grease to make it happen because making the world around her more beautiful is something she takes seriously and it makes everyone around her smile. I love that about her.

Awww mushy mushy. I love em. Juuuuust love em. Thank you, girls, for being my Friends! You make me happy when skies are grey! xo


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