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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Watching: All the Whitney I have on my DVR. Ahahahaha I think every 20-something girl relates to this show but I really, really relate to it and I lauuuugh and laugh. Although this season has been a little more "and here's the formal moral of the episode" for the last 4 minutes of the show. I'm not looking to Whitney for morals. Cut that crap out.

Eating: Whatever I want for the next couple days. Because I don't have to be in a swimsuit again for like... a month and a half. So I'm going to enjoy all those cheat meals I skipped before the cruise before I get back in to my routine. I'm even making lasagna. With actual noodles. When I told D, he wiggle jumped, like a fish. LASAGNAAAAA!!! THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN!

Thinking about: Going back to therapy. Just because I really loved therapy in college. BUT! How do people with jobs go to therapy?! I can't be taking half a day off work every other week... I can not be the only normal crazy person with this issue.

Mad about: Kanye getting out and running right in to the busy street in front of our house. The first words out of my mouth once I scooped him up after the nice man in the low-rider truck stopped traffic for him were We. Are. Moving. even though it wasn't our house's fault. A windstorm blew our side gate crooked enough for him to slip out of the backyard and while I was trying to fix it, K was like, "Oh? You don't want me getting out through this hole down here? Don't mind if I do!" If I hadn't pointed it out to him, I doubt it would have ever interested him. But I need something to blame for this accident so I'm blaming the location of our house near a busy street.

Reading: Just finished Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. It's the sort-of-sequel to Ender's Game. We have a box set of Orson Scott Card books I'm working my way through.

Gotta read all the books in preparation for this:

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ender's Game The Movie comes out this year!!! I'm excited/nervous. It's my second favorite book ever and I'm going to be crushed if it's not exactly as dark and inspiring as I've imagined it in my mind since I first read it in 8th grade.

Celebrating: The fact that I paid off Lucy!!! Lucy... this is Lucy.

My RX350 I got summer of 2011. I read that you maximize credit by making on-time payments on a loan for 12-24 months so now's the perfect time! When I called to pay it off, the girl was like, 'can I ask why you've decided to pay the balance?' and I was like, 'well, I got my bonus for work... and I can... so I am!' and she was like, 'yes, congratulations, but WHY?' I didn't know what she meant... why would I keep paying interest if I don't have to? So confused. I just said, 'uhmm... I guess I don't know... just because I want to? I really want to..."

Craving: This haircut. I feel like a ton of my famous blogger friends are doing it... and my hair would grow back quickly. It might happen. Fair warning.
Also a perfect summer ombre, too.

Making me happy: The fact that I have Friday off for Good Friday! After a vacation, there's nothing better than a short work week. I mean... other than an even shorter week, I suppose. How about NO WORK WEEK! Ok, I'm getting carried away.


  1. Congrats on Lucy! She's all yours!
    I think you should cut your hair so that I can have the long hair! Role reversal!

  2. Cut your hair!! I am about 99% sure I am going to cut it before we move in May.....I would feel better if you also cut your. Love you, glad your back!



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