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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laziest Post Ever

A bunch of images I screenshot because I liked them, from twitter, insta, ect.

#Coveteur #Instagood

The perfect skirt I plan to make for myself when I get home because I can't find a source for it. I'm in to maxi skirts with slits this spring.

OMG, inappropriate attraction to Kendall in this pic. Killer legs. #Jailbait

Hillary Duff is my favorite. I think she's so pretty and her tweets and instas are SO down to earth and always positive and I just love her. And she posted a picture of her new sweater. Like a total dork. Like something I would do. Hillary, I'm pretty sure you're rich. Stop getting excited about a new sweater! Just kidding, never stop! I <3 you!

Kim's new bangs. I like 'em, Michelle Obama be startin' trends, yall!

Undressed Skeleton is trying to kill me. I read the title to this post and I was like, this is just a muffin full of everything I'm allergic to. Not cool, Taralynn!

Our dinner last night was yum-o. Flank steak and veggies in szechuan sauce. Mmm Mmm Mmm

You have got to be FREAKING kidding me.

I'm sick. I'M SICK! TWO DAYS before my cruise. My throat is like a thousand tiny knives stabbing me every time I swallow and my chest HURTS. But... those are my only symptoms.

This is both good and bad. It's good because I can soldier through those symptoms and still have a kick butt time on the cruise, barring this does not get any worse.

It's bad because it sure sounds a lot like bronchitis to me. Which is good because that means it's not something you need antibiotics for... because you can't drink on antibiotics. And you can't cruise without a bloody mary or 3 for breakfast. But it's also bad because bronchitis is contagious, I think. And that would be a jerk move on my part, infecting the world with my bronchitis.

But seriously. asd;flkasd;fawoiefna;sdlkvan.gasdlk

Now I must go to sleep. I must sleep so much and drink so much water and take vitamins and do all those things my mom preached to me so I can hopefully feel marginally better, stat. Also, I see a trip to the clinic and some begging and groveling for a steroid shot in my future.

Send healthy thoughts my way, ya'll!


  1. #1. Can I get one of those maxi skirts too please, sans slit. Spin legs aren't there yet. Thanks.
    #2. What the heck is szechuan sauce?
    #3. Don't forget the OJ mom preached about.
    #4. Take your hinney to the dr. You don't know it's bronchitis. I had a sinus infection and besides headache, those too were my syptoms.

    You have more friends than me :)Free advertising http://jennareallybarnett.blogspot.com/

  2. That maxi skirt is killer! I need it as well. Maxi party!!!



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