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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Once you go black...

I'm never going back. I've finally made the switch. At first, I was just trying to cut some sugar from my life. Then I ran out of my favorite cinnamon creamer... and one thing led to another and I'm all black coffee, all the time now. I feel very mature... except I still have to put ice cubes it in so it doesn't burn my mouth because I have not patience... so not that mature.

In similar news, D and I stopped by Sbux Monday night because we needed to grocery shop and the Sbux shares a parking lot with the HEB so... we didn't really see how we COULDN'T get Sbux. We were so physically close to it... it drew us in. ANYWAY, I order a cup of decaf because it's like 8:30 at night and do you know what the girl told me?!

"I'm sorry. We don't brew decaf at night."

I said, "I'm sorry, you what?"

"No decaf at night. It would go to waste"

*squints eyes like I don't speak English*

"There's no decaf at night. No one orders decaf at night. I can make you a decaf Americano?"

I was dumbfounded. Why even INVENT decaf at all? What's the point of decaf in the morning?! Mind. Blown.

Now to bring this tangent home by moving from coffee to tea. Specifically dandelion root tea. I read about a dandelion root tea drink on Jillian Michaels' blog. It's supposed to be a diuretic and help you lose water weight before an event. Yes, please.

Here's the link to the recipe I followed. Well, half followed. Literally. I did HALF of the recipe and planned to do the second half in the afternoon but I just didn't have it in me. Like... I thought if I peed ANY more I might die.

I steeped the tea in hot water and then mixed it in the water bottle with the rest of the ingredients

Farmhouse paraphernalia circa 2003 :)  

It's not yummy but not terrible. Bitter. It's hard to drink so much of it. I had to take a potty break mid-workout. HOWEVER! It was totally worth it. I lost 2.1 pounds in one day! I ate normally, did my normal ~50 minutes of cardio. The only thing I did differently was this drink! It's all natural, just tea, lemon juice, cranberry juice and water but geez-o-man. I'm going to keep it up until the cruise but I don't think I could do 7 full days of it.

I realize I'll gain it all back fairly quickly, but I may add this in to my routine once a week or so, just to keep water weight at bay. It seems like a healthy alternative to some of the other methods my crazy girlfriends use to de-bloat before an event.


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