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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Man, I feel like a woman!

This one has been going around the blogs lately. Thought I'd join in on the fun. I'd love to see my answers for this 5 years ago and my answers 5 years from now. I'm just getting my footing in the world of being a woman and shaking off my girlish ways.

The Eight Things Every Woman Should Have:

A go-to drink:

A go-to Karaoke song:
Yea, it's a little diddy called "No thanks, I don't do karaoke" ever heard of it? But if I absolutely had to pick one, it would be Kanye West's Gold Digger.

I'm obviously hating every moment of this.

A uniform:
a slouchy tee, skinnies, motorcycle boots, stacked bracelets and diamond studs.

A hairstylist they love:
Jay at Michael Saldana Salon in Midtown Houston

An exercise routine:
Walking the dog is what makes me happiest

A hobby:
Yoga, thrift shopping and the never-ending effort to cook and eat clean.

A best friend:
I can't pick just one. Lori, Ashley, Katie, Mel & Jenna. In no particular order, ladies!

A healthy sense of self:
This one will be a constant journey. I still struggle with balance, contentment and my career path, but for the most part, I'm like:

What about you, bloggies?? I'd love to see your answers to this one. 


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