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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home Owner

You guys. I bought a HOUSE yesterday. It's BIG (to me) and smells good (until Kanye pooped in the kitchen 5 minutes after we arrived) and has TONS of natural light. I'm overwhelmed by how much I love it and how much I already feel like it's MINE and none of my things are even there. I got to take my family over yesterday and show them around and watch Peyton run a muck and I loved it.

It made me miss Daryl terribly; I wish he could have been there with me for that first day. But he'll be home tonight and we'll go over and eat pizza on the living room floor or something. He's at a "work retreat"... tough life, eh? I hope he's wearing sunscreen. He never wears sunscreen.

I'll take a full "before" tour photo set tonight and post later this week. Last night, I was trying to take photos cutting out the dated entryway tile and blue striped kitchen wall paper... but I'll do a full disclosure so that I'll always have before pictures when I do a reno post.

And reno posts are coming soon! Because last night, I tugged on the kitchen wall paper to see what was behind it and it pulled off like it was tacked up there with rolled scotch tape. It's going to be WAY easier to get down than I was expecting! It was a much needed small victory yesterday after shelling out a bajillion dollars at closing and wanting to curl up in a ball and never spend another dollar ever again (until I saw a cute 3' x 5' rug at Target on clearance yesterday afternoon, that is).

Thanks for being my blog readers during these exciting life moments! It's fun to share it!



  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! P looks tiny winy in that big ole room! (makes me happy)



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