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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Good Guys - Customer Review Post

Buying a house is expensive. It's scary and overwhelming. It's exciting and causing me to have intense nightmares all night. Buying a house is not easy, but God Bless Texas. We had the absolute BEST luck with the PEOPLE we've met along the way. Just a whole network of Good Old Boys referring each other and providing excellent service. I thought I'd give a shout out to the stone cold badasses that have helped us along this process, in case you're in the market for some stone cold badass service.

1. Brandon McMorries at The Real Estate Company in Midland, TX. I am restraining myself from writing an entire blog post about what a rockstar Brandon was for us. We were referred to Brandon and we plan to refer him ourselves. He's great.

Brandon has been available nights, weekends, holidays. He patiently showed us 10 or so houses. He has a super sharp eye for detail and pointed out things about houses we NEVER would have noticed ourselves. He met us at Starbucks at 8pm on a Sunday to answer questions about our contract. He has given us strategy advice when it came to price negotiating. He is always a text away when I need him. He wears super starched Wranglers and uses words like "groovy" and "dig it". I miss him when I haven't talked to him in a couple days. He's a stand up guy and I can't say enough wonderful things about him. In this market, I'm sure he's swamped, but I'd never know it from the kind of service he's provided us.

2. Gil at Basin Foundation Repair in Midland, TX. Okay, so in west Texas, we don't see a lot of soil shifting. And I got tons of advice to get a foundation/structural ENGIEER to inspect our foundation, not a repairman, and I'll be honest, I ignored it. And I may live to tell the blog tale of how this decision bit me square in the bum. I had Gil from Basin Foundation Repairs out to do a free evaluation of our foundation and quote us any repairs he'd recommend. Oh, I know. Red flag. I knew this could be a huge sales tactic on his part. But here's the thing. He didn't quote us any repairs needed at all. He was really straight forward and said it looked really good. He shot elevations from multiple spots around the house and marked them on a floor plan for us and all the elevations were within 2/10 of an inch. He said that's great, gave us a write up of all the info he gathered and went on his way. I mean, FOR FREE, it was totally worth it to get those elevations taken. And with that kind of honesty, if we ever do need foundation repair, I'd be happy to work with him again.

3. Laura McFaddin at Stewart Title Company - She was really patient during closing with all of my questions, and it wasn't the annoyed patience, or the "talk down to a first time buyer like she's a child" patience. It was genuine, kind patience. She wanted me to completely understand what I was getting myself in to. She wanted me to understand the risks and the fine print. She also took some time to explain how beneficial it is to pay extra principal and pay off a home early. I didn't pick the Title company, our seller did, but we did get lucky with her. I really liked working with her.

4. Brandi Marquez at Nationwide - We did have some heck with insurance because the roof on our covered porch was "un-insurable" and needed to be fixed before we could get a policy. Apparently, some insurance companies will give you a "rider" and give you a week or longer to get the repairs done after closing. Copeland Insurance would not allow this. And even though they did have this very strict rule that gave us some headaches, Brandi busted her TAIL to get me what I needed. And when it started raining a couple days before closing and I realized I wouldn't be able to get the roof done beforehand, I called her and, I hope I'm not throwing her under the bus here, but in order to keep my business, she gave us a one week rider so that I wouldn't have to delay closing! My hero! :)

I also had perfectly decent inspectors, my lending agent gave me perfectly fine service, our roof repair guy was punctual and capable. But overall, these four "good guys" really went above and beyond and I wanted to give them some luuuuv. 


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