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Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

1. Moving in phases - Daryl can be... particular. And I can be... what's the opposite of particular? Haphazard? An actual hazard? The point is, we know ourselves. So a day that requires a lot of coordination is a day I prepare for in advance. My plan: Do two installments of "Big Stuff" moves with a couple guys from his work. One tonight and one Saturday morning. Then, we plan to break for the Tech football game tomorrow at 11, relax, refocus and then after the game, my family is going to help us with the little stuff moving. The multiple cars, multiple trips, assembly line type stuff. I'm hoping this plan of attack will make the day minimally frustrating for either of us.

Got the rug over yesterday. It ended up working really well with the fire place and the tile! 
Peyton tripped on it like 100 times... but she'll learn.

2. I challenged my family to an arm wrestling match Wednesday for the right to have our family's Christmas Eve Eve celebration at my new house. Although I'm fairly certain any of them could have beat me (my upper body strength is famously terrible), they either are kind, don't want to clean their house for the party or are scared of me. Don't care. They agreed to let me have the party at my house and I'm SUPER excited! Christmas Eve Eve is THE party in our family. There's a talent show, Santa comes to visit, we go caroling. It's fly. Now D and I get to put our spin on it this year and we're already brainstorming ridiculous ideas.

3. I have been waking up in the mornings with a mouth FULL of ulcers. I have them from my incisor all the way to the back of my mouth on all four of my gums (all four? You know, like, top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right). They fade throughout the day but dang! It's so painful to put my make up on and the bathroom sink, when I brush my teeth, looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hopefully after the move, my mouth returns to it's normal, happy self.

No picture because it's Friday and nobody wants to look at ulcers in my mouth on a Friday.

4. The Doggy Door Dilemma - We've racked our brains for another solution but Kanye loves his doggy door. My parents have a doggy door, it's all he's ever known... the new house MUST have a doggy door. But... but... I LOVE the glass paned door to the back yard! And I really, REALLY don't want to lose all that natural light to install a dang doggy door!!! My solution was to cut a whole in the wall NEXT to the back door, but that would involve cutting the siding on the back porch and D is not psyched about that. As in... he's telling me 'no'. We haven't come to an agreement, other than I agreed we could solve this temporarily by getting a different door and cutting a hole in it and saving the glass paned one in the garage. Suggestions? There are NO other walls or doors that lead to the back yard. It's gotsta be this kitchen wall.

This is the listing photo. 
My photo tour is coming later.

5. D has his first Nutcracker rehearsal Sunday! It's an intensive, too. Two hours of learning choreography. Maybe we'll practice in the new house beforehand so he goes in knowing everything I know and looks like a total ballet savant. Or maybe we'll be packing and moving up until the moment before rehearsal and won't have a chance to practice. Also a possibility.


  1. http://www.homedepot.com/p/JELD-WEN-9-Lite-Primed-White-Steel-Entry-Door-with-Medium-Pet-Door-and-Brickmold-THDJW203900015/202915681?MERCH=REC-_-SearchPLPHorizontal1-2-_-NA-_-202915681-_-N

    Door with natural light & a doggy door. BAM.

  2. $450?!? I think I could cut down a tree and make one of these myself for that kind of money!

    I think I may have a money-spending hang over, sorry. Ignore me.



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