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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

1. So my little prince and his wifey (Bella) got some bad news yesterday. We knew Kanye was going to be tall for his breed... we didn't seek out a teensy yorkie by any means. However, at a whopping 9 pounds, the vet informed my mom yesterday that he is just too much bigger than Bella for them to have puppies. For small breeds, they recommend the boy be smaller than the girl and Kanye is exactly two times bigger than Bell (She weighs 4.5 pounds). It's just too dangerous. And to avoid an oopsie, one of them is going to have to get fixed. D is hesitant to fix K and my dad is hesitant to fix Bell. Must be a man thing!

So, our hopes of "Bellye" puppies are dashed. We really would like a friend for K at home so we're on the hunt again. But a mild hunt, because we have to wait for our new back door to come in (we special ordered one from Home Depot) so we can doggy door train our new addition.  Doesn't mean I can't look, right?

I'm head over heels for this looker. His name is Domino and he's at the Hobbs SPCA! I maaaaaay go look at him on my lunch break today. If he doesn't shed, wouldn't he just be the cutest pal for K?

2. D and I have FRONT ROW tickets for Jerry Seinfeld stand up tonight! I bought them last week after D dorked out when I told him Jerry was coming through town and doing a couple shows. I thought it would be a fun, surprise date night in the midst of all this moving and whatnot. We're both comedy junkies and Jerry is a hall of famer. We're REALLY hoping he picks on us during the show!

3. We hit our first homeowner speed bump on Wednesday. Our AC isn't working. Luckily the weather has been cool enough for no AC but D's having someone out to check it today. Fingers crossed it's not a huge kick in the teeth expense!

4. We're actually getting some unpacking done now that we're staying at the new house and it feel so good. We don't have nearly enough stuff to fill this house up, but I told D that it's kind of a nice season in our lives. We are just starting out and if you look at our house, you can definitely tell! I'm excited to hit Goodwill and consignment stores this weekend. I'm on the hunt for an entry way table, matching night stands, an office chair and, if I'm really lucky, an overstuffed reading chair.

Yup. About how things looked at the old house... just way way more spread out!

5. Alright, errrbody. Opinions. Nina Garcia hair color or no?

There's something about going opposite of the rest of the planet and lightening my hair for the winter that I like. And I knooooow it will damage it. And I knooooooow I'm trying to grow it out so damaging it isn't a good idea... but I wanna! And I pinky promise I'll condition the bejeezus out of it! It might be happening. Anyone have a good colorist in Midland, Texas?! (AND OMG I couldn't have been more pleased with who won Project Runway! I just saw the finale last night! Yayyy!!! I won't spoil anything here but that person was my pick from day one).


  1. Of course your going blonde, cause I've been considering it again! Do you though, It'll look fabulous on you!



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