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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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I've been an exceptionally terrible blogger as of late. I get brilliant ideas of blog topics, mostly funny things that have happened to me recently, but I don't have any PICTURES to make the blog worth it! I wrote out a whole blog about dealing with my wallet getting stolen... but it just fell flat without pictures. But how do you take pictures of your wallet getting stolen?! You can't.

Last night, D and I walked K up to the high school tennis courts up the road from us and played a rousing round of terrible tennis. Terrible tennis is a much better cardio workout than actual tennis. With terrible tennis, you end up running across FOUR tennis courts to get the ball instead of just the typical one. D has deemed this month FitToberFest (don't call it FitTober... he'll correct you) so this was a less painful way of getting back in to physical activity.

Again, no photos of that.

D and I have decided we're going to dress up for the Tech football game the weekend after Halloween and we've got the BEST costume ideas! We're going to go as Wreck It Wreck Em Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz! How clever is Wreck Em Ralph?!? I thought it was SO funny. I'm going to get D some Hulk hands and paint them skin colored and he's going to wear overalls and a Tech shirt. I have to get my Vanellope stuff together... but I'm way excited about it.

SPEAKING OF FOOTBALL GAMES! D informed me last night that he ordered me a MUM for Homecoming this weekend!!! I'm so so SO excited about it! Should I order him a garter?? What should I wear? I hope he holds my hand... I mean... sorry. I got caught up in the high school ness of a Homecoming mum!!!

Got the text from my Realtor that my closing appointment is set for 10am next Tuesday! In 6 short days, I'll be a homeowner!

D and I got a big ass rug for the new living room. The colors aren't PERFECT but it was a killer deal and now it will be a design challenge for me to Tim Gunn it and "make it work" in our new house.

Other than that, we've been doing a lot of packing around the house and getting ready for the move. I'll do better at taking photos of the fun things in my life. Until then, please enjoy these Google Images of the Wreck It Ralph characters!



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