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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Gawwwwwd, isn't that the most annoying saying? Almost as bad as "Just sayin". I'm cool with 'just sayin'' in most instances but when people use it as a way to say something rude and then slap "just sayin'" at the end like it erases their lack of tact? *rolls eyes*

Anyway, a couple weekends ago, Cashley, D and I were sitting around talking and the conversation turned to what annoys us MOST about our significant other.

Mine for D was that he walks in to a room talking. He doesn't walk in, evaluate the situation and THEN start talking. He ends up waking me up from naps (the real reason this annoys me so much), interrupting phone conversations, interrupting OTHER people's conversations... and it drives me UP. A. WALL.

He used to sit down next to me on the couch while I'm watching TV and make a phone call. Sitting next to me on the couch. I KNOW! WHO DOES THAT?!? I'll tell you who. Daryl. But not anymore.

According to D, I leave lights on and I eat loud snacks while we watch TV. Doesn't that make me sound so precious and adorable??

Total BS. I mean, no, I know, I do those things. But I also do like 900 million other annoying things. He was just being nice. Or maybe I've brainwashed him in to thinking the annoying little things I do are normal?! Study at my feet, ladies.

So, in the most annoying post ever, I thought I'd write a list of things I AM sorry for (to D and other people in my life) that I know are annoying but I can't won't don't stop.

We'll call it 10 Things You Hate About Me (have you guys went back and watched that movie lately? AWFUL. But no regrets that Heath Ledger was my childhood heart throb).

1. I ask the admin setting up lunch for a lunch meeting what we're having for lunch at 8:30am and insist she make special accommodations for me. I can just feeeeeel her disdain when I knock on her office doorjamb and smile.
2. I say I'm going to do something and never do it/be a total flake
3. I like... NEVER clean out the fridge.
4. I make smoothies in the morning while D's still asleep
5. I turn in to a hermit crab at precisely 6pm on Friday night and insist on not moving from the couch no matter what friend calls to invite us somewhere.
6. I screen phone calls.
7. I post selfies on Facebook (this even annoys me)
8. I listen to the Fergie station on Pandora in my office.
9. I compare my dog to other people's children.
10. I'm really, really not germaphobic and I have little concern for personal hygiene. To a fault. I'm really borderline gross.

You guys. These were just the things I could think of right off the top of my head. I had to STOP MYSELF at 10.

Thank goodness I've tricked you guys in to being my friends and loving me. XO!


  1. You're supposed to clean our your fridge on the reg? Well, now you have to - you have a fancy shmancy pants new fridge!

  2. I am also 10 (greasy hair is so in right now, right?) and I suck at promptly texting people back unless I need something from them. Whoosh. Ok my guilt feels slightly more cleansed now.



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