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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Boom

My very favorite bloggers on this whole planet, Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love are expecting! They announced it on the blog yesterday morning... and I GASPED and then welled up with tears. I immediately  felt the need to blog about this wonderful news! #YoungHouseLoveFangirl

One of my OTHER bloggers announced she was preggers over the weekend and my sister and I text about it and I excitedly showed my mom her Instagram announcement!

I mean, obviously when my sister told me she was pregnant, I was shaking and crying and overwhelmed and WAY MORE HAPPY for her than I feel for these cyberfriends of mine. But internet friends are friends too! (Even if they don't know you exist) Just like radio show friends are friends.

The text I got from my sissy the DAY she found out she was pregnant. Gross, huh? Beautifully gross.

It's BABY PANDAMONIUM around the blogosphere...

and... it's not even giving me a little bit of baby fever.

I mean, I'd love a baby if God plopped one down in front of me and said "love this baby". Of course. And my life plan totally includes babies. In the not THAT distant future. But the baby fever that strikes me is very short lived and faint. I do not want to hold other people's babies. I do not pour over newborn photoshoots or baby clothes. Is this normal? At 26, shouldn't I be like... to baby snatching status? Even my wedding fever has waned. You guys. I think buying a house has put me in a really new place in my life. I think I'm... DUN dun DUUUUUUUUUUN... Content! Whodathunk?

Also, I can thank my very close friends for this sense of contentment. I unintentionally surrounded myself with some seriously late baby bloomers (har har). All my friends are around my age or a year or two older and NONE of them have babies or are trying for babies. Obviously, I have lots of great friends with babies. But the people I text daily and spend tons of time with... really more of DOG people? Hahahahaha

Let me emphasize the point that I am not annoyed by the fact that everyone is having babies. Go crazy, you baby lovers! Seriously, I get super excited when I hear the news. COULD NOT be happier for you. Please don't take this as a bitter, complain-y post.

Just, you know, if you're over here... all like... "check out how cute my dog is?" or all like... "who wants to get hammered on wine and play Just Dance until 2am?", you're not alone!!! And also, please invite me!

I've totally jinxed myself with this post. Gah, wouldn't that just make my mom's day? :)


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