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Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Five

1. I'm unnecessarily horrified by the fact that I am wearing burgundy nail polish to the Iowa State game tomorrow... but I didn't have time to change it! I'm not so crazy as to need red or black polish... but BURGUNDY at the IOWA STATE GAME?! For shame.

2. My hair looks stupid. Every morning, I wake up and attempt to do something with it (kinda) and I'm always upset by the results. It has been 26 weeks and 6 days since I got my last haircut (I don't delete ANYTHING off my calendar) but I want it to grow out so badly that I'm refusing to cut it. I may try to put some shape back in it myself? Even though I know that's a such a bad idea. I mean... but... YouTube should able to help, right? WHYYYY did I cut my haiiir??

A couple weeks after my clavi-cut... shakin' my groove thang at Steph and Jeremy's wedding. Gaaaawwwwd my hair was short! Never again.

3. Only in Seminole can you be so relaxed that you do this:

Window down, Louis in the front seat. At least it was inside the plant fence, eh?

4. I ordered HARAM PANTS! hahahahahahah I'm getting way excited about the Wanderlust Festival in August next month and I found a cheap-o pair... I just couldn't help myself. Here's hoping they arrive from India in time... and that I can find a pair of red booty shorts to wear under them!

Now all I need are some headware and I'll be ready, Freddy! (Other than the whole... practicing yoga part)

This is the vibe I'm aiming for at the festival. Lori... please pack accordingly.

5. I have my fitting for my Nutcracker costume on Sunday followed by our first rehearsal!!! I cannot wait. I'm halfway tempted to show up to the rehearsal dressed like the girl from Flash Dance, sweatband, leg warmers, unitard outside a pair of tights? But then I'm like, no no, just be normal for like two seconds, Arica. We'll see how I'm feeling Sunday.

Have a rockin' weekend, blogloves! XO!


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