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Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High: D found us a killer deal on a trailer. He's been wanting one to tow his Jeep and I figured, if he was going to get one, better BEFORE the move so we don't end up wasting money on a rental. So... now we have SIX things that need parking spaces. Luckily, our friends offered to let us park it on their land for the low, low fee of them being allowed to use it when we aren't.

Needs a coat of paint but it'll do!

Friday Low: The Homecoming bonfire was just as lame as I remember it being in college. Fellow Red Raiders, can we all agree that the Saddle Tramps are the most unnecessary student group on campus? The band sounded terrible, Kanye was overwhelmed by the crowd and the dark, and I was exhausted. We made it until the bonfire was fully in flames and we agreed we'd displayed enough school spirit for one night and headed to the house.

Photo ops are the only saving grace of bonfires.

Saturday High: Everyone's reaction to mine and Ashley's mums! I had an little girl walk up to me and tell me it was beautiful, multiple little old ladies regale me with stories of when they used to wear them and one particular lady come up to me in the bathroom and give me her condolences. When I asked her why she was so sorry for me, she said "Were you up for Homecoming Queen?" Hahahaha THAT'S how you know you did it right in the school spirit department.

Saturday Low: The drive home after the game. We were exhausted from being in the sun all day, ended up leaving kind of late because we had to pick up D's trailer, so we ended up driving in the dark and it was just the LONGEST 2 hour drive of our lives (dramatic much?) I was asleep on the couch promptly at 9:30 when we got home.

Sunday High: I should mark this as my WEEKEND high! I went to my costume fitting and first rehearsal for The Nutcracker! At the rehearsal, the teacher realized we were one guy short and it was MY guy because they didn't have anyone tall enough to be my partner (traumatic flash back to 4th grade and being 1 foot taller than everyone else in the room). For stage aesthetic, height was pretty crucial. The teacher asked me to try to recruit someone tall enough to be my stage husband. I was 100% sure D would say no. When I got home, I gave him the "I need a favor" smile and he knew exactly what I was going to ask. And to my surprise, he wasn't THAT tough to convince! I forget, he's a joiner! He likes doing group activities. Granted, he'd prefer a volleyball league or volunteer work, but he was actually willing to participate! Sometimes, I have to step back and realize what a cool boyfriend I landed. Especially since our Sunday Low had gone down just a few hours before rehearsal.

Sunday Low: #RealTalk: The argument D and I got in about packing and moving. I felt like we needed to spend as much time Sunday as possible getting ready for the move and D felt like I was being overzealous and I needed to take a chill pill. Moving is stressful. We're better now. Don't you guys worry.


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