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Friday, November 1, 2013

'tis the season

So last night, at Midnight, I was all like

I mean... actually it was more like this

But this morning, I'm toooooootally like this

Because as of today, it is officially the hoooooooooooooooolidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys (said like Oprah).

Used to, Halloween was my favorite. But as the college days faded, the Halloween shenanigans faded with it. I'm sure when I have kiddos, this holiday will regain it's magical effects... but until then, BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! 

This will be one of the shortest holidays seasons in a really long time, if you measure the "season" from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Thanksgiving is really late this year. So, we just can't have that. So I hereby declare today the beginning of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

AnYwAy... went to see Ender's Game last night. The book was better (duh) but that, in no way, ruined the movie for me. Obviously the character development isn't as good as in the book but since I've read it once every other year since 9th grade, I didn't need some movie developing my love for these characters. I cried at parts because I've continued reading the series and I know how Ender looks back on the things he does in this movie with regret. WHAT I'M SAYING IS... if you're a fan of the book, go see the movie. If you're not, I can't help but think the movie is not great on it's own. 

This weekend should be a tame one. Got some unpacking to do, then tomorrow we're heading up to Lubbock to tailgate and cheer our boys on to victory against OSU. Then Sunday, we'll head home for ballet rehearsal and prepping for the week. AND CHRISTMAS DECORATING! Maybe we'll go get our very first Christmas lights for our new house!

Ho ho ho!


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