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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Smile on da rocks

Six months from now, I'm going to read this blog post and facepalm.

I saw Miley Cyrus' grill and now I want one.

Nope. Not a barbecue grill (although I do also want one of those). Like a hood rat, diamonds in your mouf grill.

I know, I know. Give it a few weeks, Arica. Hopefully you'll snap out of this. You're 25 and not a pop star. Quite the opposite. You're an ENGINEER. You have no business with a grill. But... but... it's so cool!

Here's a more normal picture of it from her at a Myspace event (Myspace still exists, apparently). 

It's just a tiny gold bar with diamonds across it. Not a big, gaudy thing like Rihanna used to wear. Now that would just be ridiculous.

D said last night that he'd get me one for my birthday but that I'd have to help him pick it out. I really think he was serious! He thinks it would be funny. Just another reason to love him.

What do you think the downfall to just bedazzling my old retainer would be? I'd probably end up swallowing a Swarovski crystal. I'd be willing to bet that the types of glue that are nontoxic enough to keep in your mouth all day are not all that sturdy. Grillz are not really DIY-able. And, also, my orthodontist would probably scold me. But if I'm going to wear a grill, I need to learn to respect authority less. Dr. Compton, I'm not scared of you! 

If I weren't so particular about wanting a dainty one like Miley, you can order one online for like $14.99 from krunkgrillz.com. Just, you know, if you're also in the market.

Brings me back to the Nelly "Grillz" days... always loved the line about "Got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham" hahahaha  aaaaaaaaaand now I'm off to download this song.

So... show of hands... who would still talk to me if I got a grill? 


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