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Friday, July 5, 2013

Anti-Social Independence Day

Fourth of July can be one of two things for me. An all out party-face event full of friends, barbecues, family, fireworks, drinking, swimming, and exhaustion.

Or it can be like yesterday.

An early morning of homemade breakfast sandwiches, coffee and DIY network.

Followed by a trip to Home Depot where K decided to bark at a ginormous pit bull in the lumber section who seemed nice enough but... ya know... I wasn't really willing to be wrong about that. So I scooped him up and was ready to run away defend my offspring.

Big, tough guy that everyone kept calling a girl... "Oh, she's sooooooo cute" What about this dog says "girl"? The blue harness? The green collar? The TESTICLES?! Breed sexism runs rampant in Yorkies

We got all the stuff together we needed for the chicken run and so we came home and D went to work with his new Father's Day Mitre Saw.

And we had one of those Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus moments. It seemed really, really simple to me. Just take these 2x4s and build a box out of them. Here. I'll draw you a picture. But he's all like, "no. It's soooooo much more complicated than that, I'll draw you a picture" and it was just a much less fun version of pictionary. Back and forth, drawing pictures, not understanding why the other just doesn't understand. Eventually we got on the same page though (after lunch. Lunch always helps) and we went to choppin'.

Kanye helped by rolling around in the overly tall grass. Judgement free blog zone, yall.
We'll mow NEXT weekend.

And look how pretty they turned out! We had to let the stain dry so we didn't get to assemble it yesterday (which I hate. I hate waiting for things to dry. Pure torture, I tell you.)

Again. Ignore the grass.

Then I curled up on the couch and watched some Jurrasic Park 3; The Lost World and ate strawberries because... why not? But after 2 hours of that, I started feeling lazy and I got all kinds of new, fun workout clothes Wednesday so I though, I need to go run! Outside, because the weather is nice. And skinny people run outside... and I want to be skinny! I should run outside.

Hi, my name's Chandler, could I be WEARING any more colors?

So I did that. K came with me but got tired quickly and started boycotting. When he is tired, he just lays down in the middle of the street like a human rights activist or something. Such drama. So I had to physically carry him home and then I went for another run (run/jog/walk combo, but who's counting).

After which, I showered and put on my new Mario Badescu clay mask... which I was unimpressed by. I'm NEVER impressed by masks. Oh well, it was just a sample from my eye cream order. I read an article somewhere that Heidi Klum uses Mario Badescu eye cream. Which is plenty celebrity endorsement for me.

Classy lady

By this point, it was nearing 8:30 and we hadn't had dinner so we ordered gluten-free pizza and watched the second half of Avatar. Then it was after 10pm and that's when I immediately fall asleep where ever I am so I figured I'd better make it bed. Only to find K already asleep in his crate in the bedroom. He's like, I like it better when you guys work on Thursdays...



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