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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Things

My new ear cuff - I mean, I want a badass one like Kelly Osbourne's but I figured I'd better keep it practical. This way I can wear it everywhere, including work. Unlike my midi ring which I lost. Seriously. How do people keep those things on their fingers?! There's no knuckle to hold them on and if you get one that adjusts in the back, it just gets caught in your hair or on your shopping bags and rips off. It was only a matter of time before I lost that thing but I'm still angry about it.

Justin's Peanut Butter cups - these puppies are $1 a piece though!!! PER CUP. Not for a set of two like Reese's. Such bullcrap because they're delicious and fairly clean. So I went on a mission a while back to make my own and it's a real beating. You splash even a little water in the chocolate while it's heating up on the stove and it's game over. However, the homemade version IS just as good as the Justin's ones... it's pretty tough not to eat the whole batch (I ate the whole batch)

Miley's new song - La Da Di Da Di, We like to Party, Dancin' with Miley, Doin' whatever we waaaaaaaaaant. This is our house. These are our rules and we caaaaaaaan't stop. And we wooooooon't stop. We run things, things don't run we...

At first I hated the way she uses the word "we" in this song but it's absolutely grown on me.

D said the line "Can't you see it's we who own the night?" makes him want to get DRUNK. hahahaha Basically, we totally want to party with Miley.

I Spy LV - A fun little game I've been playing where, every time I spot a girl carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, I say "Louis Vuitton!" to D. And then D locates said LV and nods knowingly. And do you know what?! He never EVER rolls his eyes. I roll my eyes constantly at everything but even when playing my most annoying game to date, he doesn't roll his eyes. It's mystifying. Anyway. I reaaaaaally want an LV.

Guliana Ranic with the Trivoli

Ashley Tisdale with the Totally bag (I found a pic of Angelina Jolie with the same bag but because I'm still mad at her about the whole homewrecking Jen Aniston thing (#2005), I refused to put the picture on the blog.

Selena Gomez with a Lumineuse which wasn't even on my radar because I planned to go with the traditional LV print... Thanks, Selena. Now you're making me indecisive.

I also like this Estela bag but I couldn't find a picture of ANY famous people carrying it... should I take that as a hint?


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