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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better watch out...


Yesterday, I got excited about Christmas.

Now that the Fourth of July is done, obviously my brain shifts to Christmas. Right? That's normal? Aunt Sharon, you feel me, dontcha? Everyone gets ALL worked up about how Christmas decor hits Hobby Lobby in August but I have no beef with this. What else would HL have decking their halls? You can only stock so much Fall decor... it's not going to sell like the Christmas stuff and you'll just end up clearancing it. Christmas stuff is the bomb diggity so it should absolutely be present at HL year round.

My Pinterest is swimming with layered outfits, boots, Crockpot recipes & frosty decor. Allow me to jingle your bells.

*No caption needed*

Spiced Christmas Cashews! Perfect neighbor gift if I liked my neighbors. Well, I like Claude. Claude's okay. He can have some Christmas Cashews.

Lesbi-honest - I eat chili and cornbread year round but it's more socially acceptable during winter.

Eeeeeee Pantone Emerald will be even MORE fun during winter!

Hot chocolate on a stick! Now picture this with Abuelita chocolate!! Yes please.

Fake snow balls! (heehee ballz)

Such a sucker for leather details

Something I could actually keep alive in the urns by the front door! So Dr. Suess-y, huh? 

But in a regular vase because I'm aesthetically opposed to mason jars. 

This is a bit of a presumptuous gift to just anybody... but wouldn't it be cute for kids? Maybe from a daddy to daughter? You'd have to pick just the right age though... otherwise she'll be way pissed it's not a new iPad.

They were real that day I wore a vest!!!
I always shy away from the puffy vest but I may try it this winter. 

I should note that I do recognize football season as a holiday that comes before Christmas and I'm equally excited about that. I picked up some cute black and white tops to wear with red skinnies to the games. And we spotted Jones AT&T's new jumbotron last weekend when we were in Lubbock and she's a beaut. Our season tickets will give us a nice view. So it goes Red & Black and THEN Red & Green... but based on our recruiting grade this season, I'm going to keep all my hopes and dreams at the North Pole.


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