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Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Somehow, this weekend felt like six days long? Anyone else feel like that?! I'm not complaining and I can only assume to even the score, this work week will feel 14 days long... here's hoping I'm wrong on that one.

Friday, D and Casey (Ashley's husband) decided to go to Cashley's hometown, a small town in eastern New Mexico to go shoot guns and stuff. Which means Smash and I got to have a girls night! We had dinner and then went to the mall because I needed new undies and she needed a new curling wand. And then we went back to our house and drank wine and curled each other's hair while watching a scary movie! It was very slumber partyish and wonderful!!! I just love that girl to the moon and back!

The only pic I snapped that night... which is a shame, it was quite a picturesque evening.

Saturday went like this: Morning walk to Sbux with Kanye, my mama and Bell, got my nails did, picked up salads from McAlister's and went to my seeeester's house to dye her hair. Played with pPod and hugged her and snuggled her and made out with her (I'd say kissed her but she kisses with enthusiasm so we basically made out). Then I ran by Target. All before like 3pm!!!

It's times like this when I crack myself up about Kanye's hilarious name. 

Cutest baby everrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Look at her little baby teeth coming in! Ah, I die.

Aunt Ricci, are you SURE this chew toy is for me?

Yes, Peyton, I'm sure. Go ahead. Chew on that.

Then I went home and lounged around and watched Project Runway on DVR and whatnot. Then I thought about going to the mall to get one of those curling wands Ash bought because I loved it, but when I went to say bye to D, he was in the backyard picking weeds and I started helping him and we ended up weeding like half the backyard. It was beautiful outside and nice sitting in the cool grass. Way better than the crowded mall. Then I baked some paleo chocolate chip cookies that were so good I almost ate all of them at once. SO GOOD. BAKE THESE COOKIES, EVERYONE!

Sunday we golfed with Mike and Natalie, had Smiling Moose deli for lunch & went home and did NOTHING ELSE. We watched movies on TV, made a sbux run, and lounged. We had plans but we were sun zapped from golf and our couch is so comfortable! I cracked a bottle of wine and ate my paleo cookies and was just pleased as punch.

Sunday Greathairday :)

Pinterest, cookies, & wine. I couldn't get it all in one pic so I just pulled up a pic of the cookies I was eating on Pinterest. #resourceful

Happy Monday, yous guys.


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