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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Land of the Free

D accidentally bought a little slice of desert on eBay last night.

Paradise, no?

He had been looking at hunting leases lately but did you know those things cost like $2000 per person per year!? I about choked on my Larabar when he told me that. I'm not in charge of his money so I couldn't say a big HELL NO, but he knew I was horrified.

So he started looking at buying land instead. He's talked about this for as long as I can remember, the desire to own land somewhere. A couple nights ago he said "Woah, did you know they sell land on eBay?" and I said "yup" and didn't think much else about it.

That is until last night. We had won our volleyball match and gone out for victorritos (victory burritos) at Freebirds and then came home and were curled up watching Kung Fu Panda for the millionth time because we LOVE that movie. I'm reading about chickens on my iPad when he slowly says, "uhmmm... I'm nervous... there are only 11 minutes left on this auction and no one has outbid me yet." But as you know, 11 minutes is an eternity in eBay hours. So I didn't pay any attention. He mumbled some other concerned comments but I was reading about chickens and ignoring him.

Until I heard "90 seconds..." I whipped my head around to look at his iPad and sure enough, watched it count down to "Congratulations! You won!" And he said "Oh man! Ohhhh man!" and clutched his chest and then looked at me with a very serious/scared face and said "I think I ate the bones! I ATE THE BONES!" hahahahahahahah what a nerd. Like those KFC commercials?

So he is now the proud owner of 10 acres outside of Marfa, TX.

Terribly exciting, right?

I'm pretty sure I congratulated him and was excited with him for a minute but the first real thing I said after was "Welp, I'm TOTALLY getting a Louis Vuitton now." It just seems fair, right!?

He tried to explain all the cool things about this land that I would enjoy but it's tough. I'm a tough sell on hunting and guns in general and let's not even get IN to camping and how very little interest I have in that... which really only leaves playing with my dog and Jeeping as activities I may enjoy out there. Although Marfa, I hear, is a hip little hipster town full of art and vegan restaurants... so maybe he could just leave me there while he plays on his newly purchased land.

Apparently there are wild horses there... that's what the listing said anyway.

Either way, it's exciting! He OWNS land! I have an overwhelming urge to go nest on it! Build a cute fence or post a decorative sign or something. Hooray for land!!!


  1. Did he get the mineral rights, as well? Or just the surface?



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