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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Watching - Nothing much. It's summer and it's just a bunch of baseball and movies on TV. BUT I did watch Despicable Me last week and hooooomygosh. So so cute! D kept being like, "I reallllly think you'll like it" and I kept blowing him off because it looked dumb... I guess I just remember the "Fart gun" part of the previews and I chalked it up to a movie full of potty humor. Wrong! It was SO PRECIOUS! I cannot cannot cannot wait to see the sequel.

Eating Drinking - Peace Green Tea. It's probably about as healthy for you as Vitamin Water but it's suuuuuper delicious. My only complaint is that there are three servings in these ginormous cans! Whyyy? Why would they do that?

Thinking About - Giving Crossfit a go? Don't hold me to this... but there's a free Crossfit box in Midland called "Fit for the Cross", sponsored by a local church. I read the WODs they post on their Facebook page and grimace... but that's a good thing, right? And I mean, I feel stupid knowing that something normally SO expensive is available for free and I'm not all over it. I love a good bargain.

I disagree. I prefer fun things to be fun.

Mad About - The fact that highlighting/ombre-ing my hair damages it so. I reaaaaaally want lighter hair for the summer. I mean, I just look so ridiculous with winter hair in July, amiright?! But I know I'll regret it. I know it. And I want my hair to grow out and making it blonde is NOT conducive to lengthening... a;slgahs;dlkfjd WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT ALL?!?!?!?

Reading - Blogs and Nutrition labels. #twentysomethinggirl

Celebrating - Uhmmm... My cousin's birthday was Sunday?

Craving - A girly vacation. Not necessarily with only girls... but just a vacation that includes a lot of working out, brunching and shopping. Who's in?

Making me Happy - My new D bracelet. I lost my old one I got at Urban Outfitters last summer and I've been meaning to replace it for a while. This one's from this Etsy shop and it's perfect.


  1. Thanks for the info on Fit For The Cross. I was just complaining of FB about why it was so expensive and tah dah you answered my prayers - see what I did there?!?



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