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Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Things

1. The Starbucks Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwich on a Whole Wheat English Muffin - Gluten free? Nope. Organic? Don't think so. Dairy free? Not even. Delicious, convenient and keeps me full until lunch when I snoozed 4 times and don't have time to make a breakfast (which happened like three times this week)? Ab-so-lutely.

2. White nail polish - It takes me back to Home Room in 8th grade, painting my nails with a bottle of White Out and then picking it off the rest of the day. But it seems to be all over the blogs. And, I mean, I hacked 8 inches of hair off last month because collar bone bobs are "all over the blogs" so yea. I'm going to paint my nails white.

I hate my wrinkly, old lady hands so the fact that this turned out a little blurry suited me just fine.

3. Sleeping - No really. It's been my hobby lately. I had to pull over half way home from work the other day (granted, my commute is 65 miles) because I just could not keep my eyes open. I know it's because I've fallen off the Whole eating program. And D's been feeling lazy lately, too, so we both just come home and crash out on the couch, me asleep, him shopping online for Jeep things. Sleeping has become so much of a hobby that I wasn't sure I could think of 5 things I was obsessed with for this post. I was worried it would be: 1. Sleep 2. Napping 3. Resting 4. Staring through people who are talking to me and thinking about how much I want to be sleeping and 5. Hitting the snooze button

4. Stoner laughing - think Bevis & Butthead. I've been doing it after I crack a joke at work to cue people that I'm kidding. Sometimes they need help because everyone at my job is SO NICE. Seriously. Like the nicest, most innocent people ever so my humor is usually wildly out of place. And the last thing I want to do is offend the nicest people in the world! Thus, I've started stoner laughing at my own jokes. Charming.

5. Creating Playlists - When I ported my phone number over to my company, I lost all rights to harass AT&T about making sure my music transferred when I bought a new phone. Now I just go to my IT guy and he hands me a new phone. And this last time, all my music was missing. And I howled and cried and my IT guy was like, "I do not care even a little bit. It performs business functions. Buck up, sweetheart." Now, I should clarify that obviously, all my iTunes that I paid for were in the iTunes cloud or whatever and I could load those. I'm talking about the torrented music I downloaded in college. You're feeling less sorry for me, now, huh? Well, anyway. I have slowly been growing my music collection the legitimate way since I got my new phone. And yesterday I downloaded Miley's Party in the USA, Britney's Slave for You, The Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Ya know... some of the staples. So I can finally build my playlists back up! I mean, I still workout to Missy Elliot or Fergie Pandora most of the time, but not having to listen to a whole album anymore will be nice. Are you vomiting over my taste in music yet?! No? Then we're probably best friends.

Only the best.


  1. I stoner laugh, too. And I am not ashamed.

  2. I knew you were cheating on the Whole30...... I'm eating corn chips as I type this....



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