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Thursday, August 1, 2013


How. Did. That. Happen?!

I, like every other girl on the planet (it's a statistic, I read it somewhere), love calendars (and also lists and sticky notes). I get such a kick out of ripping a month off my desk calendar or when my Outlook calendar hops to the next month. I have to resist putting every single thing I have planned on my desk calendar at work. Vendors do not need to know about when I need to start my new birth control or my next eyebrow wax appointment (I promise, it will be soon, I saw my eyebrows in that ear cuff picture from yesterday. Yowzah). But I have to actively remind myself of that. "Arica... does that BELONG on a work calendar that lays on your desk for all to see?" "No, Arica, it does not." "Good girl, Arica"

Anyway, August holds lots of fun, fun, fun!

Kim's Bachelorette (this was my favorite engagement pic!)

A weekend at the San Luis Resort with my Mel and our men
(I assume pictures of the weekend will look something like this)

Wanderlust Austin tickets go on sale this month and me
and this bendy little thing plan to attend in November.
This is a wonderfully old pic from my apartment in Lubbock :)

This cutie patootie's dirty thirty is this month
(the tall one. the short one's dirty first birthday is NEXT month)

And Carla is getting maaaaaaaaaarried! 

Although I'd normally want to tell 2013 to hold it's horses, it's flying by way too fast, I'm quite excited to see all the funness awaiting me on the new page of my calendar.


  1. I love new calendars!! And getting wanderlust tickets!!!!!!



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