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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Water Works: An Update

Tomorrow (today; I wrote this Tuesday night) is going to be SO exciting.

Do you remember my post about Water Conservation from WAY BACK in 2012? Well, tomorrow, I have a big presentation. Huge. And if it goes well, it's one giant step for my company's water conservation practices. And I'm like a buzzing little hummingbird, like a hummingbird on Red Bull and Adderall, just freaking out about how exciting it all is.

It's actually a misnomer to say that I have a presentation tomorrow. I have a whole slew of people flying in tomorrow from all over the country to present to my leadership team here in Seminole. Seriously. Like eight people sitting in a hotel right this second, going over last minute edits and preparing for tomorrow. Experts in every aspect of water conservation, coming to lay out the plan we've developed over the last 8 months and pray that by the end of the afternoon, we have a room full of nodding heads. I won't actually be delivering the presentation (to my chagrin... I love presenting) because, well, that's what experts are for. But I will have about 30 minutes prior to the presentation with my local team to crack the whip. Let them know that they better love what me and my experts have cooked up, help us make it work or be prepared to go to hell for wasting water!!!


But seriously. I'm going to set the stage like a boss. No nay-sayers. No side-bar conversations. No sidetracking. We will be solution-focused. Open-minded. We NEED to make this work and with the brain power I'm going to have all sitting in one room tomorrow, I know we can accomplish that. 

as;ldgkah;poidgfas;dlkfj There's no way I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. 

I mean if we run out of water, how will we have adorable gifs like this in the future?!

So yea. Happy Hump Day, bloggies. Conserve some water today!


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