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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Why? Why do people hate Obama so much? I realize I'm naive. I realize there is a lot more evil in our government than I'd care to know. And I know Obama is in a position of power that some people believe he is not using correctly. I get that. But why JUST Obama?? Why are signs like these that I saw in a convenience store window in Mayhill, NM so common but signs of this nature about Governors don't exist? Or Senators? Or Supreme Court Justices? Aren't they ALL responsible? And when people say the government is corrupt... how? How is an elected body of people that is ever-changing in and of itself corrupt?

And just... why? What good does spreading this much hate about anyone do? Obviously none. This is purely for attention. These signs in a town of <1000 people is not doing ANY good. Call your local representative. Help those MORE effected than you. Pray for your elected officials. Join a PAC. Campaign for someone you believe in. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE, you crotchety, bored old man!

I see your freedom of speech window signs and raise you a freedom of speech blog post, bro. (Although I realize exponentially more people have seen his window signs than will see this blog post so I don't think that counts as a "raise"... WHATEVER!)

*deep breath* Is it Friday yet?

I felt they really drove their message home on this one by printing it on black paper.

"We sell Obama Toilet paper it may cause a rash" Ok... that's just spirited Republican humor. I have no beef with this sign. I also support random capitalization. 

Thank you, Mr. Crouch, for specifying this as a "notice". 

Where to begin? The quotes around the word "abortion"?  The fact that he's a pro-choice right-wing extremist? The misspelling of Nancy PeloSi's name? The selection of these three democrats specifically as undeserving of life?? This is the most confusing sign I've ever seen.

Now this one... this one goes over my head. But I thought I'd include it because his punctuation and use of multiple fonts on this one showed effort. REALLY love the comma after the word 'like'.

SOMETHING tells me we run background checks on politicians. MAY want to fact check this one. And I personally would still like a background checks run on gun owners. That's just due diligence.

And just a quick shot of the front of the store. Mayhill Store Free Coffee in Mayhill, NM near Cloudcroft. The coffee is better at the Mayhill Cafe anyway and we didn't encounter a single grumpy hater while we were there, either! Also, try their biscuits! Ohhhh man, totally worth the gluten.

I'd also like to take this time to say how very thankful I am for our freedom of speech. Really. I am. While I don't agree with everyone's message, everyone is entitled to that freedom and that is something so great about this country. 'Murica!

And while these signs are clearly good old-fashioned REGULAR aggressive, in case anyone has not stumbled upon the hilarrrrrious website that is passiveaggressivenotes.com, do yourself a favor and make your humpday by checking out that site. OMG so funny.


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