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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friday Friday Friday!

Muahahahahahahaha it's my Friday, y'all!

Tomorrow, Daryl, Kanye and I are loading up in the truck, hitching up the Jeep and hittin' the road. First stop is D's cousin's wedding in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This will actually be the first Gonzales family function I've attended! I've met one set of aunt and uncle but this will be my first time meeting most of his family. I have no idea what to wear. I got a red lace dress and D said his aunts would love it because "they love lace and crochet and stuff like that" haha but I'm not sure it's JUST right. Real talk: trying on every dress I own and then tossing them in a pile on the guest bed will happen tonight. 

I'm also going to steal away for a quick breakfast with my Lori on Friday morning. She and her man moved to Albuquerque for the summer so it's a perfect coincidence and we just MUST take advantage of it. Because having breakfast with her when she only lived 2 hours away was just too convenient. We prefer to do breakfast in neighboring states.

Then, Friday afternoon, D and I are off for our first Jeeping adventure! He got Rickety Cricket (that's what I call the Jeep) last August.

Cricket last August.

D has been showering him with TLC for 8 months or so. He got the steering tightened, the brakes all fixed, it runs SO much quieter now (don't know how he did that) and a lift installed and a bunch of other stuff (As a mechanical engineer, I SHOULD know more about cars... but I don't. Sorry. That's the best I can do) and then yesterday, he got some new tires and now he's road-ready!

I thought his old, smaller tires were perfectly fine until I saw his NEW tires! Now it's even MORE difficult to get in and out of... but I'll manage ;)

Now we have this monster man toy in the garage next to my shiny, girly crossover SUV. It's quite a site.

So yea, this weekend, we're taking Cricket and Kanye to the mountains. D handled the ENTIRE trip, booked the cabin, planned the trails, knows where we're having LUNCH. Everything. It. Has. Been. Glorious. And I'm SO so so so so excited. I just have to pack a suitcase, pack a puppy suitcase and enjoy the ride.

I'm on a mission to find an all-white dream catcher at one of those side-of-the-road reservation shops, make s'mores at the cabin campfire and get lots of good pictures of nature and my boys. That is the entirety of my goals for the weekend. Hellooooo relaxation.


  1. Yay!!! One more day and I see you. Loving the jeep!



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