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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm a Crusher, Cady, I'm a Crusher.

You guys. I have a problem.

Can you guess what my problem is by this picture alone? If so, you might also be a Crusher.

Back in the day, when I had a Blackberry... with a tracker ball... and touchscreens were a thing of the future... I was a BrickBreaker fiend! I barely even noticed the state of Hawaii when my family went to visit. I was too busy Breaking. You know, the little pong game where you break tiny squares with a ball bouncing around your screen? What is it about that concept that is so timeless? We are going to be playing pong on Mars someday.

We're also going to be playing some form of Bejeweled. And these days, that form is.... say it with me...


I've lost all personal self control. I was playing it during GAME 6 OF THE NBA FINALS forgoodnessake!

It all started when I heard Kidd Kraddick's Kellie Raspberry talking about how much she loved it. And I love Kellie and I think we're either soul mates or the same person somehow divided in to two bodies so I knew I needed to also play Candy Crush.

And I loved it. When I would win a hard level, I'd shake my fists in the air and howl "SUGAR CRUUUUUUUSH!!!" (because that's what pops up on the screen to let you know you won) and I'd do a happy dance. It was a high. A sugar high.

But then I couldn't stop. I played it through our entire jeep trip two weekends ago. And if you're also a CC addict, you'll say "well, Arica, that's an exaggeration because unless you're one of those dopes that antes up $.99 every 10 minutes to keep playing, you MUST have taken a break at some point". I be not dope nor exaggerator.

Again. Kidd Kraddick is to blame. He posted about the LIFE CHEAT. How to change the date settings in your phone to trick the app in to thinking you waited the 30 minutes for a new life. And I will NOT link the instructions to that cheat. I won't. Because it will ruin your life. After a few hours of playing non-stop on the road to Cloudcroft, I decided I wanted to fix the time/date on my phone back to normal (you can't get texts, emails, ect while you're using the date-switch cheat) and then I opened the game back up... and THIS greeted me:

And I said, I'm too far in. I cannot wait 4987/60/24 = 3 and a half DAYS just to get ONE life. So I went back and changed the settings on my phone, disabling almost all the "phone" qualities and basically turned it in to the most expensive, capable Gameboy ever. And I kept playing. Cheating and cheating and cheating for more and more lives. I was in deep, you guys. By the end of the weekend, I was here:

And I had to call it quits. I needed my phone to receive emails and notifications and whatnot... I could not live in this la-la-candy-land. So for 6 LONG days I didn't mess with Candy Crush at all. ALL last week, I was Crushless (that's a lie, I downloaded it on my iPad).

So yea. Now I'm back to playing by the rules after my Candy detox. I put the phone down and wait for my new lives like a homosapien. I'm a real picture of moderation and control.

And $%&*!@$^@!*($&!# Level 17 & 44! Amiright?!? 


  1. I thought I would NEVER pass 29. I was on that bastard for over a week! But I made him pay!!! Take that L29!!!!



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