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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Today I'm on the road so I wrote this post ahead. Why I feel the need to disclose that, I'm not sure. I guess I don't want you thinking that I'm spending my time in the passenger seat typing a blog post on my iPad. No no. That would cut in to my napping and/or asking D random questions ("Do you ever meet someone and wonder if they have like... a really dark secret?" or "If you could quit your job and open a small business, what kind of business would you open?" or "What ARE this?" speaking in a Russian accent while pointing at things on the backs of semi-trucks) I'd have to assume he prefers if I just sleep.

Summer Bucket List time, ya'll!

Have you seen the precious ones on Pinterest where you and your kiddos write all the things you want to do that summer on little pieces of paper and put them in an actual bucket and then when everyone's bored, you pick a thing out of the bucket and it's like "build a fort in the living room!" and then you do that? Those are cool. Not sure where I was going with that... but I hope I do that with my kids someday.

Nice and short. Completely doable. I already have plans set to accomplish a couple of those. What am I missing? What's on your bucket list this summer?!


  1. So, when is this babysitting happening? (not the same night as fire pit, thanks) I volunteer to go to six flags, the lake, and the river and be a reliable designated driver!



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