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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday High - The new Theory T-shirt I got at TJMaxx for like 15 bucks tied with dinner, drinks and gossiping with Ashley.

Hipsters be crazy. In labels. 

Friday Low - OMG where do I begin?! With the flat tire at 6am? Or the issues getting the spare on? Or how about the line at Discount? Or even better, the fact that Discount didn't take my company Car Maintenance Card so waiting in the 30 person line was a waste of an hour of my life. Boo on Friday.

Oh hai, the lug wrench doesn't fit the lug nuts. Cool.

Loitering crowds waiting for Discount to open

Saturday High - My man coming home from his work trip. Kanye feels an overwhelming responsibility to protect me when D's away so I don't get a moment of sleep. Kanye barks at every noise he hears and I could NOT get him to calm the heck down. I considered just opening the front door and letting him free. I don't mean that, but D coming home really WAS the highlight of the weekend. Not for mushy reasons. For sleepy reasons.

Saturday Low - The butt kicking that the Body Combat instructor handed me Saturday morning. I'm still sore. Every time the music quieted down, I'd yell at Ashley for convincing me to take the stupid class with her. I feel like I got kicked in the back by a horse. I mean... yea, I'll take the class again. It was a great workout. But ouch.

Sunday High - D and I deciding to be as minimally productive as humanly possible after church. We ran two errands. The rest of the day was musing about the things we COULD be accomplishing from behind our respective iPads.

Sunday Low - The end part? The part where Sunday ended and Monday arrived and I had to go back to work? That was the low.


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