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Monday, June 17, 2013


Alright alright alright alright alright! I'm sorrrrrrry. No good reason for not blogging for a whole week other than a case of PMS that had me laying on the couch refusing to do anything productive whatsoever. Multiple nights involved me asleep by 8pm. Being a lady is hard work.

Watching: The Spurs go! And also slowly working our way through the new Arrested Developments. Holy macaroni, Portia de Rossi looks SO SO different! I thought it was a totally different actress! She's not as good of an actress anymore... Ellen has ruined her.

Eating: Summery salads. I've always kind of avoided the salads with strawberries and apples and walnuts but the other day I had the Savannah Chopped Salad from McAlister's and it converted me. Like light shined down and angels sang and I was like "oh. hai. eat season foods. revolutionary!"

Thinking About: Work. So I won't go in to it because it's a lame blog topic. But I have a lot of fun/exciting/stressful stuff going on right now so that's probably part of the reason I came home every day last week and zonked out.

Mad About: Losing one of my dad's Father's Day presents!!! Ugh. I got him a Dick Vitale signed book and just like his Christmas gift and also D's Christmas gift AND Valentine's gift, I misplaced it. Basically, I am the most badass present hider ever. EVER. So, as soon as I find it, Dad, I'll wrap it up and put a big bow on it and we'll eat banana pudding and pretend it's Father's Day all over again. That, or I'll give it to you in lieu of your birthday present in September, because I'll probably lose that too.

Here's PROOF that I got it... It's a board book he can read to Peyt... but I put it somewhere safe and cannot remember where it is.

Reading: Two separate books on raising backyard chickens. And FYI, there is apparently little to no consensus in the chicken raising world on how things should be done. These books contradict each other left and right. So, I'm cross-referencing with backyardchickens.com and reading forums... it's all quite nerdy at this point. But look at our new coop!

We put it together Saturday morning and it's sooooooooooooo cute! I'm trying to decide if I want to paint it... thoughts? opinions? Next step, a chicken run.

Celebrating: Father's Day! Duh!!! My seester threw a Father's Day barbecue last night and we all sat around ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at Peyton's cuteness. One of our favorite hobbies.

Then the game came on and Peyton could have tuned in to a dragon and lit mine, my dad's AND D's hair on fire and I wouldn't have noticed. I mean... COME ON Danny Green! Will you marry me?!?

I also got D a present from Kanye because even though Kanye is MY dog, because D works in Midland, he ends up helping out like... a LOT with him. And he plays with him and helps train him and is a wonderful puppy dad. Cute story alert: Kanye was fighting D for a toy one day and D made a comment about how maybe he should let K win more often to build his confidence. And he ACTUAL does that. He'll let K win and pet him and tell him 'You're so fast! Good job buddy!' and it's SO ridiculous and adorable.

Teaching K to drive. Move B! Get out the way! haha get it?? because he's a dog?! 

Taking K for a walk in his suit while I finished getting ready for a wedding last weekend.

Taking K for a walk in the wild outdoors last weekend on his Jeeping trip.

Craving: CHICKENS! The live kind. But you already knew that. I'm also craving some good under eye cream or something. I have incorrigible dark circles under my eyes and my Revlon stuff is not doing the trick. Recommendations?

Making Me Happy: My makeshift paleo iced cinnamon vanilla lattes. I made one like every day last week. Sometimes, you just want a big, fat iced latte but then you're like, ehhhhh do I want dairy wrecking shop on my body? Solution, solution. And it's so pretty and summery in a tall glass with a colorful straw. It reminds me of Spring semester in college when I'd get an iced latte on my way to class every day before my metabolism started pumping it's breaks.


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