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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I've mentioned before my Wish List system. Recap: I make a list of expensive things I'd like to own. Then I prioritize them and when I can afford to make a purchase, I choose the thing I want the very most on my wish list. This is how I avoid buyer's remorse. When I don't do this, it stresses meowt.

Well, I've decided I need a retail pick-me-up and on the tippy top of my Wish List is a Louis Vuitton! I reviewed my budget, slapped myself in the face, went through denial, took a shot of Tequila, watched Youtube video reviews, and made a spreadsheet just to narrow it down to my top 5 options. 

For the most part, all these purses have the must haves: 
  • The monogrammed print I've idolized since I was in Junior High, 
  • A zipper for sekurrity
  • A flat, structured bottom so I can sneak Starbucks cups in to movies without it spilling
  • Strap long enough to carry on my shoulder so I don't have to wear it in my elbow like Paris Hilton, but short enough that I COULD wear it in my elbow if I was feeling particularly Paris Hilton-y, 
  • Large enough that I can use it as a mom bag someday 
  • Timeless enough my granddaughters will fight over it after I die
That's not too much to ask, is it?

Now, I need your help. Which one should I get?!?
Westminster broke my heart by not coming in the Monogram Canvas. It was everything I could want in a purse but I had to stick to my must haves list. My 13 year old self would kill me if I didn't get a monogrammed bag.

I'm planning to buy it this weekend. So! Anyone have any words of wisdom for me? Purse reviews? Tips on what to look for? Most importantly, Louis Vuitton coupons laying around?!? That would be greatly appreciated!


  1. My vote: Sully 1st place winner and runner up, Totally.



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