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Friday, August 16, 2013


Lately, I've been a little like:

The maid hasn't come in 5 weeks due to vacations on her part and then on our part... so the house looks like... well... a coupla bachelors live there. Not that inaccurate.

I have been driving around with Goodwill stuff in the back of my car for weeks a month and I haven't had a chance taken the time to go drop it off.

The chicken coop is SO close to being finished but we haven't been home enough to finish the run, let alone maintain live chickens! So we're pretty thankful that endeavor got delayed.

I have zero groceries in the house. I've taken to eating the clumps of brown sugar out of the bag for my desserts (don't judge me).

The guest room (which, lesbihonest, is my dressing room, not a guest room) looks like a hurricane hit it and the hurricane brought clothes that are all bordering on one size too small if I don't stop eating bean and cheese burritos soon.

I ate bean and cheese burritos for dinner last night.

Kanye is going through a 'chew all the things' phase. Tell me it's just a phase, people. He'll outgrow this, right? 

I haven't seen the inside of a gym in 2 weeks.

With all of that said, D and I took a good look at our lives, our messy house, our out of shape bodies and somehow prioritized an above ground pool that was on clearance at Walmart.com as exactly what we needed. So with our few hours of spare time this week, we used them to set up our new pool! 

It was a breeze to set up, seeing as how D did the raking and leveling and all that before I got home. I'll have to take an "After" picture because it took us a couple evenings with the hose in the pool to get it filled up, since we weren't home AND awake for more than an hour or two at a time this week. But I'm really, really looking forward to further procrastinating getting my life together to spend weeknights floating around in our new pool like a mermaid. :) However, that too must wait, because we're on the road again this weekend for Car Car's wedding and Louis Vuitton buying. :D Poor us. 

Cheers to skewed priorities and Fridays, bloggies! XO


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