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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo Dump Blogging

This is what my phone corrects "Booboo" to... Booboise. So... Lori is now nicknamed Booboise. She says she's always felt like she looked like a Booboise. :)

Greenz :)

Kanye likes the green stuff

D offered to pack for me for the weekend! This was the list he was to pack and below is the list I packed. He did a really good job! Other than for no real reason he packed six extra t shirts. 
"Just in case" 

Things I do not trust him to pack... the list is pretty short though!

The picture I sent my mom to apologize for D breaking her pick ax.

Perv thought I wouldn't take a picture of him if he had Kanye's balls in the picture. Wrong-o.

Full disclosure: What our home looks like when the maid goes on her summer vaca. 
Neither of us think cleaning is a very high priority. 
That lamp is still broken from a freak Just Dance party accident

Take the Jeep to the public pool day! So colorful!

Thank you, Starbucks, for understanding me. #roar

D took a staycation day a few weeks back... when I text him to see how his day was going, this was the response I got.

I know exactly the voice and hand gesture he used when saying "OH NOOOO"

Kanye got a Kermie toy!!! Jenna Marbles, be my best friend!

Gainz in my desk drawer!

I think... I think maybe my car needs an alignment. 

Mel's morning insight in to the inner workings of her brain that cracked me the hell up.

TRIPLETS! (It's funny because the two on the left are ACTUALLY a part of a set of triplets)


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