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Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm Back

This picture turned out a little creepy... A selfie of a T-shirt is tough.
Tshirts, jeans and Toms at work - one of the few perks to working in West Texas

Sun's up, Guns up, everyone!!! Today is the happiest day of the year for both Daryl and I. WE. LOVE. FOOTBALL. SEASON!!! And today is our beloved Red Raider's first pre-season game against SMU. When I went to say goodbye to D this morning (he's still fast asleep when I leave the house in the mornings) he smiled with one eye open and said "You're wearing a double T!... The only reason I'm going to work today is so I can wear a Tech shirt". Seriously, ya'll. THE ONLY REASON we went to work today was to talk about football with our coworkers (I mean, it's the day before Labor Day weekend. Ain't nobody being productive today). We still have that new season, hopeful glow. Maybe this will be our year.

So, yea, I'm back! I honestly should have never left. It actually took a lot of effort NOT to blog. I've been scribbling blog ideas in the margins of my meeting notes and checking blogger just to look at my old posts. I really missed it! And I was really no MORE productive without blogging. I just spent more time on Pinterest and Bloglovin'. Maybe a tech detox should be in my future.

After reviewing my notebooks, sticky notes, iPhone Notes, and drafts, I compiled a list of blog posts I've brainstormed over the last week while twitching from writing withdrawals:

  • Wenning - Damn you, infomercials. I never stood a chance.
  • Wanderlust Festival - My Lori and I got our tickets and we're kind of geeking out with excitement
  • Why do only women over the age of 70 compliment my clothing? Should this worry me?
  • Purging my Pinterest, Inbox, Facebook friends... my obsession with keeping all things lean and mean.
  • HACing my face up - My pathetic attempt at getting better at makeup
  • The quote I read that changed my life (is that dramatic enough for you?)
  • Why haven't they invented a way for pill bottles not to make so much dang noise? (I think I can turn this in to an entire blog post...)
  • Piercing prospects - how many piercings is too many piercings for a professional?
  • My birthday wish list
  • We are the Champions - how to crush every other team in your adult recreational community center volleyball league
So... yea. That's list pretty much sums up what I've been up to lately! And what you have to look forward to, if it still interests me when I get to writing about it.

Also, if I survive my Labor Day weekend, I'll update you on just how horrible or awesome Hot Yoga can be. I'm signed up for my first class Sunday and I'm starting hydrating for it today. Can never be too safe.

Hope everyone's Friday is swift and Saturday/Sunday/Monday slow! XO!


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