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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ideally Introverted

I want to go on record and state that. AIDs is a horrible, very real disease that deteriorates a human in a tragic way that I really only have a mild understanding of because I read the book "The Hours".

That being said, I cannot help what my initials are and a while back, D and I went on a mission to have entire days dedicated to the each of us. Daryl's Ideal Day (a "DIDs Day") and Arica's Ideal Day (an AIDs Day). We often do these days on birthdays, obviously, occasionally as a form of apology and/or retribution when one of us has clearly screwed up, or when one of us has had a rough go of it lately and is worn down and needs a pick-me-up. The last example usually applies to me. As an introvert, I get worn down by the go-go-go of our lifestyle and require a concerted effort to recharge.

If I had to plan a DIDs day, which I wouldn't do, I'd have him do it to make sure it was indeed Ideal, it would look something like this:

Sleeping in
breakfast burritos from Taco Villa
shooting guns
late lunch
afternoon at the pool with all of his friends
home to nap
late dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings or somewhere equally loud with friends
going out to a bar with friends
pass out

Somehow, a day like this RECHARGES him. As an extrovert, spending QT with lots of people he loves is what provides him the energy to go back to the routine of work and responsibility.

This is almost polar opposite of what an AIDs day looks like. An AIDs day (I know, it takes some getting used to) would look like this:

Up early, immediately drink a green smoothie then a coffee so that I'm a functioning human being
I'd plan to go to Crossfit or Spin next... but depending on my mood, it may turn in to walking the dog.
Home to shower and snack and leisurely get ready for the day.
Arrive 15 minutes early to brunch with Cashley (I am not late or rushed in any way on an AIDs day)
A trip to TJ Maxx or Target to buy home decor or organizational supplies.
Home to lay on the couch Pinning and watching TV for MOST of my AIDs day interrupted possibly by baking Paleo cookies, stretching in the middle of the living room floor or reorganizing the filing box in the office.
Late afternoon time at the pool (this D and I absolutely align on. Cannot get enough time at the pool)
Nap/Lay in bed watching TV
Dinner just the two of us somewhere quiet that we don't get to go often, wine, dessert, the whole nine yards
Home to pretend I'm going to watch a movie I've seen a million time but instead I'll promptly fall asleep.

In my ideal day, there is a lot of time spent at home, very few friends involved, and quite a bit of eating. Sorry I'm not sorry. Also, D never leaves my side on an ideal day. I let my crazy clingy flag fly that day. Introverts, unite!

This came up because my sissy's birthday is coming up and I was asking her what her JID was... so I figured I'd share my AID.

I hope everything gets a slice of ideal this weekend! I know I will because our weekend revolves around a swim up bar at the San Luis Resort and a coupla knuckleheads we happen to adore. XO!


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